Zombies Angel Tanner of Portland and Brandon Richardson of Milwaukie, 9, are chased down by a team learning polearms tactics during the Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Game in southeast Portland, February 21, 2015. Catastrophic event, particularly if you are located in a large metropolitan area that need to have disaster preparedness games to have the information. Being ready for disaster when it strikes (and it will) can mean the difference between a life threatening situation and just a bad couple of days. The games plays like sim city (seems the sim city model is good for all sorts of things, check out this companies use of the sim city model to plant trees in the sub Sahara). It reminds me a lot of the BBC game about climate change where you learn how hard it is to make government policy regarding global warming. What I would like to see is a massive multiplayer online game where people team up to play a sim city like game where they help the world.
This Peaceable Kingdom cooperative game is printed with soy-based inks on FSC paper and includes parts made only with recycled plastics. After a long day at a global health meeting, senior level nurses and midwives huddled over a game board, intensely concentrated. The purpose of the game is to promote teamwork and efficient and effective use of a set of resources that reflect what is available to clinicians in reality: human capital (family members of patients), medicines, transport, and inherent character strengths such as empathy, creativity and intelligence.

Currently, the game is undergoing final changes to character and player card images, before it is ready for widespread dissemination.
Based on recommendations from the evaluation study done in Botswana, the recommendation is to use the game in pre-service education, with students of nursing, midwifery and medicine, ideally with representatives from all those groups playing together. In a cooperative game, players work together as a team against a common obstacle, not against each other.Cooperative games emphasize play, not competition.
The goal of the game is to successfully treat, discharge or refer a sufficient number of patients.
This is due to what Smart Game Systems Jonathan Estes calls “hard fun,” which motivates game players and enhances the reward of successfully “beating the game,” or, in this case, avoiding the death of a patient. Game includes 1 game board, 1 mother hen with stand, 40 baby chicks, 1 spinner and instructions for game play. The health professionals were playing Maternity Clinic, a serious board game developed by Jhpiego, an international non-profit and affiliate of the Johns Hopkins University that has been a leader in global education since its founding 42 years ago. It’s a beautifully illustrated, nature based, educational, cooperative game created in the tradition of the classic board games. The free community event taught actual disaster preparedness skills while having fun with zombies.

The game is played collaboratively in a simulated game environment where perinatal patients enter the clinic (game board) with a variety of care needs. In this game, winner multiple awards including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award and Creative Child Game of the Year Award, players help Mother Hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the coop. In this game from the award winning design team at Peaceable Kingdom, players are in a race to collect nectar drops and beat the bear to the hive. The Global Learning Office, which supports efforts to build the capacity of health care workers in the countries where Jhpiego works, has begun exploring the use of serious games to promote learning.
Game includes 1 game board, 4 nectar baskets, 24 nectar drops, 1 bear with stand and instructions for game play.

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