Urbanisation should be viewed as an opportunity, and urban centres should be viewed as growth engines. Our parks and open spaces play a critical role in improving the health and vitality of our great city.
Urban spaces provides a platform for unique experiences and spontaneous interactions between residents, visitors, and employees. The financial hub (New Town, Rajarhat) is very attractive investment opportunity for banks, financial institutions and services.

It (Kolkata Eye) will be an icon of the great city of Kolkata and will enrich the ongoing river-front beautification project. Ramanujan College of Management (RCM), established by NEC society, is located at Mitrol, 14 KMs from Palwal City, at the outskirts of NCR. Ramanujan College of Education, established by NEC Society at the outskirts of National Capital region, is situated approximately 13 Kms from Palwal city.
To encourage and value research work in management and teacher education fields, the society publish a bi-annual journal “Global Evolution, ISSN 2229-7588” since year 2009.

The society works under the able guidance of well educated members, who are committed to the noble cause of education and research.

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