The 183-serving Mega Sample Pack from Legacy includes a sampler pouch of every emergency breakfast, entree, side, and drink (including coffee!) that Legacy Premium provides. Having the opportunity sample emergency food before you buy a large pack is a luxury many companies don't provide. When you buy the 32-serving food storage kit, you pay a small price for peace of mind knowing you have reliable emergency meals put away. Having an emergency 72-hour kit is critical in today's unstable world, but don't forgot to have an emergecy food supply with those preparations! Stressful disaster situations are not the time to force your family to eat food they don’t like. Whether you are getting ready for long-term survival situations or gearing up for outdoor adventures, Legacy Premium’s food storage breakfast bucket is the perfect addition to your food storage supplies. Disaster preparedness is a click away with Legacy Premium’s 60-serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket. The most important meal of the day just got an emergency makeover, thanks to Legacy Premium’s breakfast bucket. This 240-serving supply of food storage meals sealed in Mylar bags is ideal as a starter kit or as an addition to your existing food storage supply.
Legacy Premium’s 360-serving supply of emergency meals is a wise choice to make when you are looking for a reliable preparedness food supply.

Legacy Premium’s comprehensive 720-serving package is packed with nitrogen-flushed, hearty food storage rations.
In one simple step you can buy enough dry bulk food storage to supply one person with three square meals per day for a full year. Buying bulk quantities of premium food storage with a 25-year shelf life allows you to take care of all of your family’s emergency food preparations in one step. Buying food storage in bulk is a quick way to ensure that your family will be protected in an emergency. The 4320-serving supply of bulk freeze-dried survival food is unquestionably the ultimate in emergency food storage preparedness.
Equipped with Legacy Premium’s 60-serving Gluten-free Entree Bucket, you ensure that even those members of your family with special dietary needs will have food in an emergency. For those in hurricane areas: December first, remove your food that will expire in the next six months. Note: While these kits provide the CORE SUBSISTENCE for a 1 Year Food Supply they do not include the complete FDA recommended daily food and calorie intake per person.
The 720 serving package will provide 2 adult servings of food per day for one year (1 person for one year).
The 1080 serving package will provide 3 adult servings of food per day for one year (1 person for one year).

The Dehydration Process - In dehydration, food product moves through a drying chamber where air removes the moisture from the food. Additional food requirements such as fresh vegetables and fruits, side dish and dessert items should be supplemented if possible. Instead of using #10 cans which, when opened , force you to eat enormous amounts of that particular food all at once to prevent rapid spoilage - this kits packages each meal in its own separate mylar pouch, thus eliminating waste.
Easy to Prepare Traditional food storage items can be time-consuming and difficult to prepare. Minimal Storage Area Typical food storage can take an incredible amount of space to store that most families don't have.
With Wise Foods' ready-made meals, simply add hot water, wait 10-20 minutes, and you're ready to eat.
Also, because the buckets are small and light (~16 lbs) and equipped with a rounded handle, even children are able to grab and carry a month's supply of food, if needed.

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