A landslide is a disaster involving elements of the ground, including rocks, trees, parts of houses, and anything else which may happen to be swept up. Hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and typhoons are different names for the same phenomenon: a cyclonic storm system that forms over the oceans. Scientists have spent years discovering the reasons and finding solutions to natural disasters, but all in vain. Thus, natural calamities have been there on the Earth since a long time and will continue to occur. A natural calamity is a form of disaster that causes huge destruction to life and property all over the areas affected by it. The United States experiences a number of different natural disasters each year, ranging from earthquakes, floods, fires, and hurricanes to name a few. The first step in preparing your family for a natural disaster is to determine which natural disasters you should be worried about based mostly on where you live. Even though you cannot prevent or avoid a natural disaster from occurring, there are many ways to keep your home safe if one were to occur.
Most homes in areas that are at risk for hurricanes or tornadoes usually have basements, and they should be used as a protective shelter if a natural disaster occurs. Over 50 natural disasters were declared in the year 2006, ranging from severe flooding and storms in Louisiana to blazing fires in California.

It uses material from the Wikipedia articles: Natural Disasters and those mentioned in the body of the article itself. Each part of the United States is more likely to experience a certain type of natural disaster, and no location is completely safe from the many natural disasters that can occur. Natural disasters are completely unpredictable and cannot be stopped, but you can keep your family and home safe by preparing for the worst.
Homes, businesses, and other structures can be severely damaged during different natural disasters, and even lives can be taken under extreme circumstances. A Natural Disaster can be called as a natural phenomenon which can occur anytime and at any place.
Another very dangerous natural calamity is earthquake which takes place when there is some movement in the earth’s crust which results in seismographic waves. There are many factors on the basis of which you can rate a disaster to be of medium or high intensity. Although natural disasters cannot be prevented or avoided, there are many ways to keep your home and family safe in case one were to occur.
When we talk of tsunami, then we should also be aware of the volcanic eruptions which are very poisonous in nature.
By determining what risks your home may have, you can safely prepare your family and home in case a natural disaster was to occur.

Also discuss with your family what to do in case a natural disaster were to occur, such as finding shelter in a hurricane or earthquake. Disaster Management teams need to be set up to manage all sorts of disasters most effectively and try and make the effect of the calamity as minimal as possible.
A Natural Disaster can occur in many forms like floods, earthquakes, volcano eruption, hurricanes, etc to name a few. As such, a disaster can be said to be something that will have a long lasting effect on the environment as well as our minds. While sliding it accumulates more and more snow with it making it a huge mass which is very destructive in nature. Initially it was of low intensity due to the wind shear but in successive days it formed a destructive tropical cyclone and was given the name Hurricane Andrew.

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