The College Board’s framework for teaching APUSH has been undermined by changes that amount to a “shift toward a leftward ideology… made obvious by a growing focus on group identities, such as ‘the formation of gender, class, racial and ethnic loyalties,’ at the expense of such unifying concepts as American Exceptionalism,” State Sen. The current framework, which guides teachers in planning their own curriculum to prepare students for the APUSH test, is not entirely new.
In the interview, the Senators talk at length about their opposition to the APUSH framework.

The new framework was released in 2012, and a survey conducted by the College Board indicated that eighty-five percent of APUSH teachers nationwide supported the changes.
But it is hard to imagine teachers and parents sitting idly by if the Superintendent actually made a concrete move to opt out of APUSH. If the College Board does not comply [which it won’t], the Resolution instructs the Superintendent to revoke funding for APUSH courses in Georgia and redirect them to state-created alternatives.

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