I don't mind commercial emergency kits, but they tend to have too many unecessary drugs and are very expensive. Weapons have until a friend went tougher to consider and pondering clearly throughout an emergency scenario. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES (RELATED TO CARDIO -VASCULAR SYSTEM): MEDICAL EMERGENCIES (RELATED TO CARDIO -VASCULAR SYSTEM ) PRESENTED BY- PRATIMA SRIVASTAVA. Epinephrine is the drug of choice for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis and asthma which does not respond to its drug of first choice, albuterol or salbutamol. Its administration intramuscularly is not as likely to be very effective in this latter emergency, where adequate oxygenation and early defibrillation is most important for the cardiac arrest dysrhythmias with the relatively best prognoses, namely ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia. For the management of a medical emergency it should not be withheld for the patient with chronic obstructive lung disease, even though they may be dependent on low oxygen levels to breathe if they are chronic carbon dioxide retainers. In most dental practices, it would not be realistic to assume that the dentist could achieve venipuncture in a patient having an active seizure. Short term administration of oxygen to get them through the emergency should not depress their drive to breathe.

The term mischmetal is from the German word Mishmetall emergency Management Agency, a basic survival.
This booklet has lots of information, and is like a cook book for how to treat cardiac emergencies.
Epinephrine is also indicated for the management of cardiac arrest, but in the dental office setting, it may not be as likely to be given, since intravenous access may not be available. The benzodiazepine antagonist flumazenil should be part of the emergency kit when oral or parenteral sedation is used, as these techniques are usually based on effective use of benzodiazepines. If this sugar source is kept in a refrigerator it may not be appreciated that it is a key part of the emergency equipment. We supply medical equipment, training and supplies to doctors, dentists, schools, churches, museums, corporations and individuals. If either morphine is included in the emergency kit, or opioids are used as part of a sedation regimen, then naloxene should also be present for the emergency management of inadvertent overdose. The notable drawback in their use in emergencies is their relatively slow onset of action, which approaches one hour even when administered intravenously.

The CLAM (Compact Layout Auto-Injectable Medications) Kit is available by prescription only. The following is an exhaustive list of books required to study for Dental Pre Post Graduation Exams in India. This is the reason why these drugs are not considered essential, as they are of minimal benefit in the acute phase of the emergency. The prototype for this group is hydrocortisone, which may be administered in a dose of 100 mg as part of the management of these emergencies. PRECIPITATING FACTORS Physical exertion Heavy meals Lying flat Cold exposure Emotional disturbances Vivid dreams (nocturnal angina)PowerPoint Presentation: MANAGEMENT- Dental treatment should be stopped immediately ,adjust the chair in semi-reclining positions .
Medical emergencies were most likely to occur during and after local - anesthesia ,during tooth extraction and endodontics procedures.

Electromagnetic interference shielding materials
Basic preparedness


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