During the primary campaign I became someone whose judgment you trusted, and I remember after one conversation over beers you told me you wanted me in your kitchen cabinet. While I never was that close of an adviser, we talked regularly during the campaign, and after you defeated George Allen you even told me that had you gotten onto the HELP Committee as you had asked, you would have asked me to work for you. Having reminded you of all this, allow me to interject myself as I first did when I heard you might run for the Senate and sent you an unsolicited email about why you should run and how George Allen was a paper tiger you could beat. You knew during your Senate campaign that some of us disagreed with you on important issues, but you were willing to listen to us on others, and sometimes we changed your mind, as I think I was able to in persuading you why you needed to make the phone calls to fund raise for that Senate campaign – you were not asking for money for yourself, but to run the campaign we had begged you to take on.

We do not want to see that legacy tarnished by a foolhardy pursuit of an independent run for the Presidency that you cannot win and which risks damaging the country we both love by electing one of the clown car candidates seeking the nomination of the other party. I have for personal reasons not been active in the current Democratic presidential cycle, although we did exchange some emails when you first explored running. I offer these words as someone who respects you, and does not want to see you do something that will damage not only your legacy, but also the country we both love, and for whom we both chose to serve in the Corps. The Place for Conversation StartersWhen you are sitting around the water cooler every day, you can always start a conversation with your colleagues by saying “Guess what I saw it in the San Francisco Sentinel this morning.” You will sound brilliant and informed.

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