A trap that people sometimes fall into is to stop communicating with the customer if there are no current opportunities. Below is a sample table you can use for creating the plan.For each relationship within the customer, decide the method of contact, the frequency and the reason.
Be sure to track how you are doing against the plan (whether that is through a CRM system or just a spreadsheet) so that you can make adjustments according to results.
For each phase, the general approach to communication and the Communications Plan should be reviewed.
If you ask project managers to tell you how they spend their time, most will state that they spend anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of their time on project communication.
You may have noticed in this book, we continually end a planning section with the need to communicate this information to team members or other stakeholders. A need for good communication starts from the day the project charter is issued and you are formally named project manager (perhaps even earlier if you have been filling the project manager role informally).

Unfortunately, even though project managers usually recognize how much time they spend communicating, this does not always translate into taking the time to develop a good communications plan. She thought she was doing an excellent job of communicating with the team, but the team was going crazy.
Because people communicate all the time, they give little thought to organizing or planning communication. The importance of planning your communications before you speak or write is even more critical if your message is sensitive or controversial . Although the template from this example can be used to create an overall communications plan for all stakeholder groups, there are some additional considerations when it comes to communicating with your project team. For these informal one-on-one communications, where possible, work to accommodate what is most comfortable for each team member. In Chapter 2 we identified some of the typical project stakeholders: project sponsor, functional managers, customers, and end users.

This commonly occurs with large systems applications or new products that are deployed across geographic regions such as multistate customer operations areas or multicampus sites.
If the customer operations director does not understand how his team is involved or what will be the total impact on his group, you need to get him connected to what s going on.
If your project requires communication to executive team members, the sponsor can help develop the communications plan by identifying what information the group needs, and how and when communication will take place.
In addition to the communications distribution structure, your communications plan may include information on how you will gather and store information, how to obtain information between communications, and how to update the communications plan.

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