The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority NCEMA works under the umbrella and supervision of the Supreme Council for National Security . Therefore, its work is focused mainly in the development, consolidation and maintenance of laws, policies and procedures of emergency and crisis management at the national level.
Also we recommend that you visit the NCEMA Media Center > Publication, then download and read the Business Continuity Management Standard and Guide. Emergency management degree programs are becoming more available in universities and schools across the United States. With the educational training you can build toward a career as an emergency program manager or director, emergency preparedness instructor, emergency operations center chief, director of security, risk management expert, hospital coordinator, or technical training supervisor. American Military University serves civilian and military students 100% online with emergency and disaster management degrees and NIMS-related courses. The Emergency Management Associate Degree program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for positions in the emergency management profession. Guilford Technical Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Management.
The Madonna University interdisciplinary curriculum in Emergency Management offers courses that give students employable skills in preparing, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from natural, manmade and technological incidents. The emergency management major provides a diversity of courses designed to give students the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to help save lives and property from the potentially devastating impact of large-scale disasters.
Those with expertise in emergency management have the knowledge and skills to ensure their organization can respond effectively to major emergencies and disasters. The Master of Science in Disaster Medicine and Management is a comprehensive graduate program preparing you in all facets of disaster management. Tulane University's Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA) is an interdisciplinary academic and research-oriented institute dedicated to the systematic strengthening of global leadership in the field of disaster risk and emergency management. The School of Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks houses the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program (HSEM). The Master of Science in Threat and Response Management is designed to prepare public health professionals, law enforcement officials, fire and emergency personnel, medical and nursing professionals, and policy makers to respond to and recover from complex incidents regardless of their size or cause. The graduate concentration in Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) provides advanced education in the management of emergencies, hazards, disasters, and homeland security. Homeland security concerns have created an urgent need for emergency management professionals in both government and private sectors.
This CEPH accredited University is home to the virtual Master of Public Health (MPH) in Global Disaster Management & Humanitarian Relief. Adams State is a fully accredited university providing an online Associate of Arts degree in Emergency Management.
The California State University Maritime Academy is offering a Master of Science Degree in Transportation and Engineering Management with a concentration in Humanitarian Disaster Management. Elevate your career through the executive master's in Emergency & Disaster Management at Georgetown University. With a degree in Emergency Management from JSU, you will be ready for any community incident, from minor emergencies to major disasters.
The Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies program is designed specifically to meet the safety, security, and emergency management challenges of today and tomorrow. The Emergency Management degree at KWU is one of the rare undergraduate programs of its kind offered at a Christian liberal arts university, and is the only four-year degree program in Emergency Management available in the state of Kansas. With the growing threat of natural catastrophes, technological disasters, and terrorism, the field of fire protection and emergency management has exploded.
In this one year, multi-disciplinary program, students are given the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of Emergency and Disaster Management.
Earn an Executive Master of Science Degree in Crisis and Emergency Management in 2 years with most classes on line plus 6 long weekends in Las Vegas on campus and face-to-face. Emergency Management demands a students to have excellent critical-thinking, analytical, communication, and organization skills.
The BS in Fire & Emergency Management and MS in Fire & Emergency Services programs at Kaplan University are designed to teach the latest in technological advances in the emergency services field. The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University is designed for the working professional with at least two years of college experience. The BAM in Disaster Management and MPH in Disaster Management are programs that both have at their core the study of accessing, preparing, and mitigating disaster. The following four skills are the cornerstones of any emergency management effort, as laid out by the U.S.

The field of emergency management often requires a few people to mobilize many people and get them to respond in the safest and most efficient way to the emergency at hand. Earning a degree in emergency management requires quick thinking, good leadership skills, and the ability to rapidly asses and respond to unexpected situations. Many of the skills involved in emergency management involve self-control and the ability to remain calm and influence those around you to take logical steps toward mitigating disaster. There are several colleges across the globe where degrees are offered in the field of emergency management. The list below shows some of the colleges and universities offering emergency management degrees. The salary of someone with an emergency management degree usually depends on the specialization, experience in the field, personal skill level, and location of the workplace. The biggest employers of emergency management specialists and directors are local and state governments, although there are careers available in an array of private companies.
Emergency management can include a broad range of careers from the private sector to national disaster agencies. Emergency management careers are often characterized by long periods of planning and waiting and brief, intense bursts of response and activity. Emergency Management Degree Program Guide has named Kansas Wesleyan University in the “20 Top Emergency Management Bachelor’s Degree Programs Under $23,000 Average Net 2014.” Among those top 20 best affordable programs in the nation, KWU was rated #8 for quality, ahead of Arizona State University, Arkansas State University and the University of North Texas. Because of KWU’s size and student-centered philosophy, you will study in small classes where you will receive one-on-one attention and mentoring on your journey to becoming an emergency management specialist.
Study with professors who have frontline experience in emergency management and preparedness. Consider a minor in political science as a way to enhance your Emergency Management degree. The Emergency Management degree program at KWU will prepare you to join the growing ranks of people who are working to keep our communities and country safe. It’s the major national standard-setting body responsible for regulating and coordinating all efforts of emergency and crisis management as well as the development of a national plan for responding to emergencies.
You can now find accredited programs for homeland security degrees and emergency management certificate programs as well, including undergraduate and graduate degree options. Courses are taught through the Interdisciplinary Center for Disaster Research and Education by faculty with diverse experience in emergency management. Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Crisis and Disaster Management provides students with a broad based knowledge of crisis and disaster management combined with a general education foundation and business and management applications. Emergency management is both a profession and a field of study addressing the four stages of disaster management: preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. Elective courses can focus on homeland security issues, clinical disaster medicine and management issues or a general track.
The EMHS program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to work or currently work in the field of emergency management and homeland security. The Associate degree can lead to a Bachelor Degree, and you can use prior learning assessment of emergency management related training to fulfill elective courses. The program is an advanced course of study in business and management fundamentals combined with specialized preparation for career advancement in the emerging field of Humanitarian Disaster Management.
The program will educate you in the interdisciplinary research and theory of disaster management as you create a project that directly strengthens and benefits your organization or community.
Featuring a blend of online coursework and on-site intensives, our one-year program immerses you in the high-intensity field of emergency management, taking you around the world to explore various hazards that range from terrorism to natural disasters.
You will possess the knowledge and skills to lead the way in helping your region, your state, and your country prepare and recover from major events. Graduates are equipped with the basic conceptual approaches and methodologies of safety, security, and emergency management as they apply to business and community environments and the theoretical, methodological, and technical competencies required for a career in security and emergency management. Our Emergency Management (EMGT) academic plans address the phases of emergency management, emphasize experiential learning, and combine a liberal arts and sciences education with a current EMGT and Public Administration (PA) professional program.
Course work examines law enforcement, terrorism, intelligence, legal issues, emergency management, cyber security, biosecurity and public administration issues and prepares graduates to guide day-to-day operations and strategic planning.
In a situation where any assets belong to the public or an organization are threatened, either with physical destruction, as in the case of a natural disaster, or with more ethereal perils, like unexpected financial loss, the principles of emergency management can help the organization protect their core assets and come out stronger. Having these plans in place ahead of time is useful, but to get the full value of well-made plans, good leaders are needed, and people trained in emergency management should have the skills to make this happen. There are a few colleges offering accredited degrees in emergency management online, and you can get in touch with them to find out more about specific program requirements, credit transferability, and how long it will take to graduate.

The best paying emergency management jobs are in oil and gas extraction operations, followed by electric power companies and waste treatment organizations. There are endless opportunities for an emergency management professional as they are in demand in many industries. Department of Homeland Security has its own agency, called the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that specifically deals with preparing for and responding to national emergencies, such as national security threats or major disasters.
Graduates in Emergency Management can expect to develop a career in corporations or businesses, public schools and colleges, hospitals, nongovernmental response organizations such as the Red Cross and in local, state and federal government agencies.
AMU offers both degree programs and professional development options in emergency management. Comprehensive course work covers mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery phases of emergency and disaster management. Courses in emergency management have been offered at UCM for more than 20 years, and the degree has been available since April 2001. UMUC offers convenient online and on-site classes where coursework will prepare you for professional certification in emergency management.
The ECEM Degree has been functioning since 2003 and faculty are renowned in the field of homeland security and emergency management.
However, it cannot not be stated enough the important role emergency management plays in our society. While most people think fires and earthquakes when they see the word emergency, there are a range of other events that can be considered emergencies, and emergency management skills apply to all of them, meaning that many industries have job offerings for people with degrees in this field. By preparing to handle massive emergencies head-on with one of the nation's best affordable four-year degree programs in Emergency Management, you are equipping yourself for success in a growing field of professionals dedicated to a life of community and national service.
Lonnie Booker, Jr., assistant professor and director of Emergency Management at Kansas Wesleyan University, was invited to participate as a panelist for the 17thAnnual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium, June 1–14, 2015, hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute. Graduates are prepared to serve in a variety of positions in the emergency management field and attain certification in emergency management. There is a critical and growing need for emergency management personnel in public and private areas. The mission of the major is to create a cadre of graduates with extensive theoretical and applied knowledge in emergency management and disaster research. We pride ourselves in delivering quality educational programs, and we will help you fit this Emergency Management Degree into your life.
Students complete 30 core program credit requirements by completing required emergency management courses through University College and required management courses through the School of Business. The interdisciplinary master's program at Nova Southeastern University is designed to provide students with not only the theoretical knowledge about the field of emergency management, but will also provide graduates with practical skills such as plan writing and risk assessment.
As a natural outgrowth of the need for more knowledgeable leaders in emergency management, there exists a parallel need to train effective educators and proficient researchers.
Israel has long been regarded as a leader in disaster management due to its unique history and robust response. We have gathered the top online emergency management and other public safety degrees below for your convenience. His panel discussed emergency management program development and growth at colleges and universities. The student obtaining a degree in Emergency Management is prepared for employment as an Emergency Management Director for government agencies, private corporations and industry, and education or health care institutions. The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management program is a six-course, 18-credit graduate certificate program.
Graduates will develop skills in leadership and management which will enable them to build a core understanding of critical issues in the field, preparing them for jobs in both the governmental and private sectors.
Israeli trained specialists is emergency and disaster management are pursued by many sectors and held in high regard all over the world.
Our alumnihold positions around the globe in international security organizations, emergency management departments, NGOs, research and more. The all hazards approach teaches not just technical analysis, procedures and equipment, but also threat assessment, response management and multi-agency coordination.

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