In part one of this series, I covered the first two steps of crisis preparedness—vulnerability assessments and crisis planning. Evaluating the need for crisis support systems is probably the most under-employed element of effective crisis preparedness.
Creating special teams for crisis-specific purposes, even when the teams consist of people who might not usually work together. Using Internet-based crisis management technology to allow crisis team members in multiple locations to confer and share data online in a single virtual location (as opposed to endless strings of emails, notifications and conference calls).
In keeping with the precept that every employee is a crisis manager for your organization, it is necessary to provide some level of training to all of them. In the conclusion of this series, I will look at the steps involving in putting your crisis preparedness and business continuity plans to the test.
Many large universities and organizations have a crisis management plan, and some have taken the time to distribute them to their administrators and department heads. If your university’s crisis plan is of the textbook variety, take solace knowing you have the ability to remedy that problem. Stay connected to the crisis by providing the university’s spokesperson’s contact information to key reporters and your stakeholders; the spokesperson should commit to being reachable and approachable while you continue engaging the crisis team, discussing progress and any new facts that have developed, and developing additional talking points, as needed.

Remember, a simpler crisis plan is not easier to develop – it’s just much more effective and useful in advance of, during and after a crisis – when you actually need it. Today, we continue our discussion with more insights that will help you strengthen your organization against crises.
For any given organization, a Crisis Support System is the physical or organizational infrastructure necessary to ensure that both operational and communications plans can be carried out quickly and efficiently.
The purpose – go over the plans, page by page, and talk through how well they would work in practice.
Crisis support systems will enable you to get more work done, across a wider network, and with less time spent. Even the smartest of plans will not receive a lot of attention after they are introduced initially and when not in use. Invest the time necessary to identify the titles and names of those individuals who should compose your school’s crisis communications team. And once you have created your plan, share it with your administration, faculty and staff, and ask that they review it regularly.
An effective plan enables Brothers to address and diffuse difficult situations and to make important split-second decisions because they are prepared to do so.

This is the first “all hands” look at the plans, and it invariably elicits suggestions for improvements.
In a similar fashion, having the entire organization on-board with crisis management will save you time and worry, not to mention enabling more potential problem-solvers – always a good thing.
The best favor you can do for your university is to develop a thoughtfully-customized plan for your school that is communicated broadly, understood fully and referenced (particularly in the event of a crisis) easily. Then develop an easy-to-follow plan that can live in many places across your campus, clearly identifying who is responsible for what. An effective year-round plan takes into account changing circumstances throughout the year: weather conditions. Do not comment or answer any questions.Remember that crisis management plans are tools that should be used to help guide your response. Document and study the situation, and meet as a chapter once the crisis has passed to discuss the way it was handled.If your chapter does not already have a crisis management plan in effect.

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