SAFER, an European Commission FP7 research programme, started in January 2009 with the aim to provide a pre-operational GMES Emergency Response service and to prepare the field for a fully operational EO based segment to support disaster management. DLR-ZKI provided products within the GMES Emergency Response service for more than 60 Emergency Mapping and 10 Emergency Support activations. The service has covered more than one hundred real emergency situations since the beginning of the project.

Emergency Response products are delivered in a rush mode (delivery within 8 hours after EO data reception). This was done in very close cooperation with project partners and particularly with the users to set up an Emergency Response service that perfectly reflects the user needs.
A wide-set of consolidated thematic products covering both the Civil Protection and the Humanitarian Aid domains has been delivered during the whole crisis management cycle, while new thematic domains have been addressed and innovative solutions developed.

In Emergency Response cases, the satellite data reception takes usually about 24 hours up to 5 days.

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