Find Volunteer Activities That Align With Your Interests By Getting Creative We talk a lot about what colleges and universities are looking for when evaluating applications. SXSWedu is largely fueled by community input, as such, there are a number of ways to get involved and contribute your unique perspective and insights. Apply to have your startup considered for the 2016 competition, Monday, June 29 - Friday, November 6.
Consider various opportunities to get involved in the free and open to the public SXSWedu Expo. As a teacher, harnessing the students’ expertise through peer learning is a great tool and help! Grades, courses, and test scores are very important, but so are the less quantifiable elements, like activities and essays.
Students receive customized guidance from their IvyWise counselor and benefit from the collective feedback of our expert team. We provide discounted Minecraft licenses to educational institutions, a custom edition of the game with features designed especially for classroom use, and a hosting service to let users connect and play together. You will do worse harm and likely waste a fantastic deal of the wide-ranging discourse on concerns.
Being involved, and invested, in the community can yield incredible results for small businesses in small towns. Most public and private schools host a variety of events all throughout the year, all of which need some financial help to be possible. Make sure to negotiate to get your company’s logo on programs, announcements, signage around the festival, and in any oral speeches welcoming the crowds to the event. Small town residents take a great deal of pride in their town and are likely to be especially appreciative of anyone willing to help make the town a better place. If your business is located in a farming region, chances are the local residents enjoy the seasonable events that surround their town’s primary product, such as pumpkin or apple picking. Much like fairs or downtown festivals, there are many different ways to get involved at varying price points. For any sponsorship idea, maximize your spend by getting as much marketing value out of the event as you can (ROI). Regardless of denomination, the holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, family, friends, and food. Subscribe to the SXSWedu newsletter and keep up with news, tips, exclusive events and more! Each month, we will highlight a unique or aspect of a school or an interesting program in an effort to help students learn more about the variety of institutions in the US.

Throughout the year these opportunities will change in conjunction with the various deadlines.
Just like with other extracurricular activities, colleges want to see students participating in impactful volunteer opportunities – finding a way to give back and enhance their local community. As we’ve covered before, building up goodwill in local communities leads to lasting favorable brand association and a greatly elevated rate of brand awareness.
City planners, local schools, teams, and institutions are always looking for brand sponsors to help them put on their public-facing events. If you haven’t been approached, reach out to the local sporting associations to be connected with a team. This will increase the likelihood of your name being sported around town, and your sponsorship known. If your local government or agencies do not already sponsor community clean up days, work with them to get one started! For just the cost of gloves, trash bags, and t-shirts, you can pick a high visibility spot to pick up track any day of the week with absolutely minimal planning.
They can bring new life to business districts from nearby out-of-town visitors and large crowds of locals too!
Much like with school fairs, your business could be one of several sponsors for the whole event, or sponsor a specific section like a beer stand or one of the musical acts. Check the local event listings to see what year round events are celebrated and then contact the farms to get involved!
The X-Drill simulates the agility used in a football play; change of direction, change of footwork, change of angle.
One thing many students overlook when preparing for the admissions process is community service.
With a little negotiation, you can ensure your company gets high visibility exposure that will do wonders for reaching potential customers and creating fans of your brand.
In the same vein, you could also become a sponsor for the sporting fields- which might get you the longest mileage for your sponsorship dollars. You can easily find recruits from the schools (high schoolers all need community service hours), civic organizations, boy and girl schools (also have community service hour requirements) and even other businesses. A recent University of Minnesota Tourism Center study found that during a small town festival, 83% of first-time visitors said they were satisfied with their experience and planned to return to the area in the near future.
Bolster your sponsorship with a booth or a presence at the festival to drive home the brand awareness and to learn more about the new customer groups you’re reaching! Whether it’s cycling, running, car caring, sailing, mountain climbing, or any other type of athletic event- the organizers could likely use some of your sponsorship dollars!

Given today’s business climate for print media, it’s highly likely the local paper could use some additional income. Small town residents truly value a business who is as committed to their town and its success as they are. Take lots of photos and video of the event for blog posts, social media posts, and for your website. Automate the entire debt colection process with Funding Gates, the world's first CRM platform for all your receivables needs. We sell classroom licenses to our special edition of the software at a discount to schools. Here are 8 creative small business sponsorship ideas that will win over the hearts and minds of your small town.
The added benefit of sponsoring an actual team, however, is that you’ll be more directly connected to between 20-40 members of your small town community (players and their parents) and you’ll likely get a nice framed photo of the team to hang on your wall at the end of the season. You can join in with other business to make for a larger budget, or simply opt to sponsor one part of the event- like the ice cream bar or the dunking booth station. Michigan State University professor and tourism researcher, Dan McCole, likes to use a Caseville, Michigan cheeseburger festival as a successful example: The first year of the festival attracted 5,000 visitors to the small, 800 resident town.
By getting involved in the sporting events the locals all enjoy, you’ll earn positive association in the minds of your potential customers and have a great topic of conversation over which to form lasting bonds. Not only will your sizeable advertisement or sponsorship earn you recognition and appreciation around town- the digital iteration of your sponsorship (links back to your company website) will provide your business with a valuable SEO boost! Help students master real-world physics and engineering skills with Kerbals and watch their understanding of STEM concepts blast off!
Either ask about specialty advertising packages (beyond the standard, often ignored advertising squares), or inquire about becoming a full-on sponsor of the paper. Inquire as to the possibility of getting a permanent plaque noting your business’ contribution once the project is finished and certainly get some hand-shaking photo evidence for your storefront and website. During the event, be active on social media to maximize your opportunity to gain new followers and to spread the word about your involvement! Add a badge to your website and online business profiles that notes your sponsorship of the event. The cherry-on-top for this strategy is that getting involved in local town improvement projects is a great way to earn press coverage for your business– a huge marketing win!

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