CERTs or Community Emergency Response Teams are made up of volunteers highly qualified in first aid and emergency response. The team is made up of 10 highly qualified volunteers with five other set to finish their training this month.
Remember if you need emergency assistance in Venus Bay, Tarwin Lower and Walkerville it is never far away. At Mader we understand communication is a key ingredient in developing a successful work place and to develop good relationships with our clients.

These vehicles are used by ambulance volunteers who function as 'first responders' within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distance.
CERTs are located throughout Victoria and play a valuable role in ensuring sustainable emergency care to communities. These vehicles have been built to suit the AV Specifications for CERTs and include a new redesigned livery system, a rear cargo equipment system, emergency lighting and auxiliary electrical fit out plus radio installation.
Whenever CERT units are dispatched to a job, a primary Emergency Ambulance is also dispatched.

Disaster recovery plan backup procedures
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