The latest Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class is nearing completion of its rigorous eight weeks of instruction. The training classes are three hours long and teach disaster preparedness, fire safety and suppression, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, team organization, terrorism incident and accident response. Information from the division is also available through the Lexington Emergency Management Facebook page РLexingtonKYEM. We are expecting to have representation from many agencies and organizations including the American Red Cross, NIH Division of Emergency Management, the National Library of Medicine’s Disaster Information and Research Center, local community health organizations, and others, including the safety, security, and emergency preparedness entities within both NCI and JHU.

CERT classes began in 2004 and since then, the Division of Emergency Management has organized 22 classes and 280 people have completed the coursework. In addition to its outstanding training, outreach, and operations-related programs, Montgomery County CERT enjoys the recent opportunities to lead new and unique assignments that benefit the community in ways never tried before! CERT members will perform actual victim extraction, fire fighting, search and rescue and other actions typical during the first hours of a community emergency. Depending on class content, classes are taught by members of the Lexington Fire Department or the Division of Emergency Management staff.

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