While some animals spend more time outside then others, most of your pets are social creatures and crave time with you and your family.
If you do have an “outdoor only” cat there are some cold weather safety tips for your pet that might just save their life this winter. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor animal it is your responsibility to keep them safe during the winter months. It is safest for them if you allow them regular exercise but keep them with you in the warm house most of the time.

One thing you will absolutely want to provide is some kind of shelter for your furry friend that just will not come inside. There are also cold weather safety tips for your pet that you will want to familiarize yourself with before the bitter winter months get here.
Hopefully these cold weather safety tips for your pet will help you keep them warm and healthy all winter.
Some other cold weather safety tips for your pet are to keep them dry after bathing them and keep their fur longer during the winter months for better insulation for them.

You may also want to invest in a sweater or coat for your pup, however it is not suggested for your feline friends.
So, remember to check under you hood for either your outdoor cat or a neighbors cat that might need your help because the were accidentally left outside and are trying to protect themselves from the cold temperatures.

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