Now I'm not saying you shouldn't make a pair of improvised snowshoes out of some tree branches and parachute cord especially if all you've got in a life or death cold weather survival situation is just a knife and some parachute cord. Our Roadside Emergency Kit - Cold Weather is an all-inclusive emergency kit for cars facing cold weather. Copyright  Joffe Emergency Services Built with VolusionJoffe Emergency Services offers Response Training, CPR Classes, First Aid Training, and BLS Training in our Santa Monica, CA training facility and through online courses.
I'm sure you've heard or read stories about lost skiers, hikers, hunters and stranded motorists freezing to death due to prolong exposure to severe cold weather conditions. This kit fits conveniently in a standard backpack and can be stored in the trunk of your car for up to 5 years - the shelf life for our peanut-free food.

And if nothing else, at least some matches a candle and a compact pocket size emergency space blanket. It's hard to believe why so many outdoor "winter enthusiasts" don't better prepare themselves before venturing out in the cold. It's better to be a bit cold on the outside than to lose the inner core body heat or it will cause the entire body to freeze up and shut down entirely. It has everything you need to survive in case you find yourself stranded on the road in winter, including emergency food, emergency water, a first aid kit, and heating elements that will last you for up to 72 hours. When it comes to cold weather survival, though there are many things you need to know, learn and practice.

Then make somm nice round small holes where you placed these pieces of duct tape so it won't tear the blanket when you attach some nylon string (which you'll also need too) to the corners and sides for use as an emergency shelter.

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