When an emergency strikes, be prepared at work or home with the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit from the American Red Cross. EVAQ8 produce emergency preparedness kits that you can depend on in any emergency, equally effective in the event of a rapid evacuation or a shelter-in-place situation. Our new CodeRED Survival Kits are being reviewed"The best of the best!" by firefighters and disaster specialist. This is a complete deluxe personal terror protection kit designed for small adults or large children.

For this “Season of Sickness” protect yourself and your family with a helpful kit that will fill your medicine cabinet with up-to-date medicines and protection for any symptoms.
To survive in any unwanted situation, you have to ensure that you have all the survival gear emergency items.
Then I found this cold survival kit that will help with everything from sore throats to coughs to feeling sluggish at the first hint of a cold or flu. The public never knows when something is going to go wrong, that is why it is best to carry an survival first aid kit.

Add in some filters to steep your tea and soothing honey and I’m pretty much set to take on any winter cold or flu that could come my way.

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