This CIEH Level 2 award in principles of risk assessment was created in response to industry requirements for all employees to be risk aware. In order to open and print them you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your machine. The actions and views of CIEH training centres using these materials for promotion do not necessarily represent the views of the CIEH.
The CIEH will review your existing training to ensure measurement against nationally recognised standards and qualifications.

CIEH will conduct a thorough review of your course framework and materials against nationally recognised occupational standards.
Both routes include an approval report which will outline any areas for development or enhancement prior to the CIEH Assurance being awarded. Once the standards of delivery and materials are approved the CIEH will approve your use of the CIEH Assured logo on course materials. Watch consultant David Oldbury talking about the CIEH Assurance of Boecker’s Pest Management Services.

In addition, where a practical element exists or the course exceeds 1 day, CIEH may choose to conduct an on-site observation of course delivery in action.

Hurricanes wings
Business continuity disaster recovery plan template
Critical incident emergency management response plan


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