Today we will add a new template to our folder called the Health and Emergency Contact List. The top part of the template on the left-hand side contains important family contact numbers.
The top part of the template on the right-hand side includes two (or more) emergency contacts if mom and dad (or whoever is on the top left-hand side) can’t be reached.
The second section on the right-hand side are the common emergency numbers starting with 911. At the bottom of the health and emergency contact form, it is helpful to include your home address.

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The previous contact list template that was created is for keeping up with personal contact information of friends, family, and acquaintances. This could be a family member, neighbor, or anyone else that would be a good contact in the case of an emergency. Although 911 might seem unnecessary for you to remember, if one of your children are looking for an emergency contact number, this might not be the first number that they think of.
The Health and Emergency Contact List template is a one-page go-to sheet where you, your spouse, a family member, or baby sitter can easily track important numbers should a health related issue or emergency arise.

Other important emergency contacts might include: poison control, police department, fire department, ambulance, and animal control. That way it is easy to schedule or update appointments as well as contact the office for an emergency, should that be necessary.

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