However, preparedness is the best line of defense and the most efficient way to help return our community to normal in a timely manner. A list containing the important names, phone numbers, and addresses of persons and organizations that can help you in any emergency is called as emergency contact list.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers free online training on how to react to an active shooter in the workplace. Agencies across all levels of governance apply the same practices to their emergency plans.
Also on Amazon you can find pre-packaged pet emergency kits, and pretty much anything you could need in a natural disaster.

Emergency response and evacuation procedures will be tested and evaluated during these drills. I particularly liked page 13, which has a detailed checklist of things you need to pull together to be prepared in an emergency. The Genesee County Health Department wants you to have a plan to protect your employees, lessen the impact of the emergency on your business and remain open or re-open quickly.
For example, the Earthquake Kit 4 Person Deluxe Bucket Home Survival Emergency Preparedness kit contains supplies and food to last a about 5 days for 4 people, or much longer for just one person. Accurate communications with stakeholders, especially the media, contributes to a successful resolution of the emergency and may lead to a positive evaluation by the community.

This guide has been completed to assist professionals to learn more about preparedness and where to learn more about being prepared.

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