Eastfield College CERT Mission StatementTo educate and to be better prepared to take care of themselves, students, staff, and visitors in the event of a disaster of any type until trained emergency responders can arrive. To establish Community Emergency Response Teams, emergency management resources, volunteer pools to help during an emergency, and to perform projects that improve the Eastfield College community’s preparedness.
The purpose of the Chatham County Sherriff’s Corrections Emergency Response Team is to uphold and maintain good order and security of the Chatham County Detention Center, to prevent attacks and injuries to staff, or other persons, and to prevent escapes.
The team will be compromised of highly trained and motivated members who are capable of responding to the emergencies in a timely manner.
The team is capable of handling ALL situations which pose a significant threat to the security and safety of the Chatham County Detention Center, its occupants, and the general public.

The team will establish and maintain an image that will foster positive morale and confidence among the employees of the Sheriff’s Office. With constant pressure on the proper and judicious use of force against inmates by correction officers, from the administration, media, and lawyers, Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are becoming more necessary today than ever before. The Correction Division Emergency Response Team (CERT) was founded under the administration of Sheriff Al St. The CERT team has learned how to fight a fire inside a correctional facility with help from our partners at the Savannah Fire Department. A physical fitness standard was established to determine which staff would be allowed on the team.

The Team was born of donated equipment, volunteered time and money, and many hours of hard work. Team members had to strap on oxygen tanks and go into a burning building and put out a fire.
This testing enables team members to evaluate the new equipment first hand and help to determine if it might be useful in their facilities.

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