The Government CERT* initiative, a funding stream used to subsidise cavity wall insulation and loft insulation for domestic customers, is planned to commence in December 2012. Residents have until September 2012 to register on the scheme and get an installation carried out before CERT funding terminates in December. The scheme provides free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation where existing insulation is less than 60mm (subject to survey).
CERT is to be effective for three years (2008-2012), with the target of making an annual net saving of 4.2 million tonnes of CO2 by the end of the programme, and this new phase doubles the targets of EEC2, which started in April 2005. If you represent a Local Authority, Housing Association or Private Social Landlord and you intend to use an insulated render system on your project we now have the ability to gain direct access to CERT funding on your behalf. Specialist external wall insulation contractor, Cornerstone East Anglia Ltd completed the successful installation of solid wall insulation to approximately 480 privately owned properties in the Paston area of Peterborough in 2012.
Market leading EWI manufacturers, Weber Building Solutions and Wetherby Building Systems provided the BBA Approved systems consisting of a premium grade EPS insulation board together with a through coloured silicone render. CERT came into effect in April 2008 and obliged UK energy companies to take steps to ensure that the amount of CO2 emissions from homes was reduced.
Up until recently, loft and cavity wall insulation have dominated this area, however external wall insulation is now considered to be the next main area of focus due to the unsurpassable energy saving benefits that they can offer. Many of the energy efficiency grant schemes have been set up to help people who are in fuel poverty or at risk of fuel poverty, so you might find that you have to meet certain criteria to get a grant.
This leaves a gap in the market that has been widened further by the tightening of Ofgem regulations, ruling that traditional wool and foam cavity wall insulation is no longer insulating enough. In response, the government is launching the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) that will replace the CERT and CESP programmes at the end of 2012.
Energy companies will be allowed to carry forward overachievement against their targets under the current CERT and CESP schemes and count it towards their ECO targets. Yorkshire Energy Services currently offer a non means tested free home insulation service available anywhere in England. If you're currently eligible for a grant but haven't applied you could be missing out on a lot of financial assistance.
It is likely that home insulation services will return to the higher price of around £300 per installation in the New Year. Over the course of the scheme more than 18,500 home insulation measures were delivered, saving approximately 9,000 tons of CO2 in the first year alone. Under CERT activity at least 40 per cent of the target must be targeted at certain low-income domestic consumers or those who are over 70 years old and on certain credits and benefits called the 'Priority Group'.

Certain qualifying criteria must naturally be met but our application process is very simple and straight forward and a decision can often be made within a few days of your application.
Cornerstone has developed relationships with major funding partners within the utility industries.
Up until December 2012, the CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) scheme meant most people were entitled to insulation grants.
The government has implemented schemes to help accelerate the process of improving the energy performance of UK housing, such as offering free cavity wall insulation paid for by the Big Six energy companies. A simple tightening of regulation has sparked the need for innovation in a market that has stayed largely the same for decades. A large proportion of the Energy Company Obligation will still be targeted at solid wall insulation.
The CERT scheme was mainly funded by gas and electricity suppliers and consequently by levies on consumer energy bills. The scheme is not reliant on personal qualifying criteria, so regardless of your age or income you can get the work carry out for free.
This has led to new ways of creating affordable warmth, with a particular focus on insulation and keeping the heat in. However for real impact, the uptake of energy efficiency home improvements needs to be far more widespread. YES Energy Solutions was instrumental in developing the programme from what was once a discounted insulation scheme to a free non-means tested initiative available to thousands of Hampshire homeowners and private renters. The Insulate Hampshire team accommodated 33 events across the county giving away enough rolls of loft insulation to cover 31 football pitches.
Electricity and gas suppliers are now obliged to promote and offer funding towards measures that improve energy efficiency in the home.
The responsibility for such measures has initially been placed at the doors of the energy distributors through a statutory instrument called CERT (Carbon Energy Reduction Target). Cornerstone is able to access and secure funding with these partners for Local Authority and Housing Associations together with ECO funded schemes for privately owned housing stocks. The CERT scheme has now been replaced by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), however consumers must meet certain criteria to qualify for either a free boiler or free or discounted insulation.
The CERT programme requires all domestic energy suppliers with more than 50,000 customers to make savings in the amount of CO2 emitted by householders. In order of increasing costs and complexity these are draft proofing, loft insulation, floor insulation and even internal insulation of solid walls.

We have decided to move forward with a new brand, a new image and fresh outlook on sustainable energy. UK Building Regulations specify that if you use internal wall insulation you can’t lose more than 5% of the floorspace, so traditional methods are no longer suitable. This is likely to be the last chance for homeowners and private renting tenants to access free home insulation. The project has been completed over a 6 month period and has allowed in the region of 40,000 m2 of solid wall area to be insulated to current building regulations, along with other measures of loft insulation and draughtproofing being installed.
Energy suppliers offer very different benefits and it is worth checking with yours to see what you may be eligible for. YES Energy Solutions is the group trading name for: Yorkshire Energy Services CIC and YES Energy Solutions Ltd. If you have applied for a grant under HEES but haven't had a decision yet, or if the work hasn't yet started, your application will be treated as if it had been made under Nest. The Home Energy Scotland scheme is available for Scottish residential homes (including mobile homes), and aims to help make heating more affordable by making homes more energy efficient. However awareness of such schemes are not extensive and they only go a certain way to helping improve hard to heat housing stock, including solid wall homes that are notoriously difficult to insulate. To hold in the necessary heat to meet Ofgem requirements, with a U-value of 0.3 of less, cavity wall insulation would need to be at least 6-8 inches thick. It is also hoped once DECC confirms details of the new ECO programme it will also qualify for funding under this scheme. Together they work to create a highly insulating, sealed barrier reflecting warm air back into the room. ECO is said to include the most successful elements of the CERT and CESP programmes, while working in harmony alongside the Green Deal.
Where solid wall or hard to treat cavity insulation is being installed this can be accompanied by other measures which reduce heat loss from a property, such as glazing and draught proofing.
These changes are hoped to help smooth the transition for the insulation industry between current schemes and the Green Deal, as well as make it more affordable to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes.

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