The following list of websites contains many valuable websites to prepare emergency room nurses for the unexpected. The official journal of the Emergency Nurses Association, this peer-reviewed journal covers practice issues based on research findings. The RN journal is an online resource that contains various articles pertaining to all areas of nursing.
This blog, while no longer being updated, contains first hand experiences of a nurse in the emergency room. This blog is written by a former military physician who writes about common occurrences in the emergency room and current issues in healthcare.
This blog is written by an inner-city emergency room nurse and includes articles written about current topics in healthcare from a nurse’s point of view. This blog features articles relating to the various opportunities available to nurses throughout their career. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses encourages acute and critical care nurses to reach their highest potential by promoting continuing education opportunities.
The American Nurses Association is the primary association of nurses in American and promotes overall health by offering continuing education opportunities to nurses.
The Emergency Nurses Association advocates for patient safety and promotes quality in emergency nursing practice. This course prepares nurses to adequately perform physical assessments on infants, children, and adolescents. ACLS certification signifies the healthcare providers ability to provide proper care to adult patients in cardiac arrest. The Pediatric Certified Nurse exam is available to any pediatric nurse with a considerable amount of experience who wishes to become certified to display their accomplishments. Jamie Bond has been a registered nurse since 2002 and returned to the college scene in 2012 to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Creating a PNCB Wall of Distinction tells your nurses that you value their commitment to certification and explains this important professional milestone to the public.
Use our sample press release (Word) to announce newly Certified Pediatric Nurses in hospital newsletters or local papers. It is crucial for emergency nurses to keep abreast current trends in illness and treatments alike.

Andrea received her Aesthetic nurse injection training in Miami, Florida, under the industry's leading Botox® and injectors in the country.
American Nurse Today is a valuable resource that includes numerous articles pertaining to various specialties in healthcare.
The Journal of Trauma Nursing seeks to improve the care provided to trauma patients by education, collaboration, and leadership. Written by a nurse with over 30 years experience, this blog contains recaps of real life situations that occur in the emergency room. This blog is written by a resident physician in emergency medicine and allows him to document his experience and vent about trying situations. White Coats Call Room is the blog of the website Emergency Physicians Monthly and features healthcare articles pertaining to treatment in the emergency room written by a variety of physicians. The Society of Trauma Nurses works to effectively train trauma nurses to provide high-quality care to trauma patients. This website contains an extensive listing of educational websites pertinent to emergency medicine. Emergency room nurses are eligible to sit to become a Certified Emergency Nurse that gives the most skilled and experienced nurses in the field recognition for their dedication. This course is the gold standard in emergency nursing and identifies those nurses with the extensive knowledge and experience needed to appropriately treat trauma patients. PNCB-certified nursing professionals work in a variety of roles and settings throughout the U.S. Emergency room nurses must be on their toes at all times as the needs of the next patient to seek care in the emergency room are unknown. Paul Connolly is certified through one of the country's leading facial aesthetics training programs for dental practitioners, DentaSpa Seminars. She has over 12 years of experience in the nursing profession practicing in the emergency room, intensive care, post-anesthesia (specializing in cosmetic procedures) and working side by side with a board certified plastic surgeon for the past 5 of those years. She follows all rules and regulations set forth for nurses by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. This peer-reviewed journal is written for nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurses, and educators in the emergency room setting and contains evidence based articles applicable to daily practice. Each issue of this popular journal focuses on a common issue seen in the emergency department and encourages providers to administer the best possible care.

Written by emergency room nurse Leslie Block, this blog uses her passion for nursing to demonstrate caring and compassion through her posts focusing on healthy living, injury prevention, and various current topics in healthcare. Nurse Practitioners can become certified in emergency medicine by submitting an online portfolio – no exam required!
The needs of trauma nurses and trauma professional are at the forefront of this conference that offers continuing education and networking opportunities as well as break out sessions focused on complex issues in trauma nursing. Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification is required for all emergency room nurses and signifies the healthcare providers ability to appropriately care for seriously ill or injured infants and children.
This triage tool is a useful tool used in emergency room triage settings and easily divides patients into levels depending on their presenting symptoms. Those that follow their heart and specialize in emergency medicine must be quick thinkers and have the ability to multi-task while meeting the various needs of multiple ill patients.
The list of blogs may help these nurses cope and relate to others in similar situations through these challenging times.
This monthly journal is geared toward healthcare professionals in the emergency room setting and contains hands on clinical information that applies to the emergency or urgent care setting.
This annual convention is offered to nurses wishing to further their knowledge depth while networking with peers interested in the same field.
For information regarding becoming an emergency room nurse practitioner, see what is the best MSN concentration to get.
There also is an extensive list of associations in which emergency room nurses may become members of that will allow networking opportunities as well as continuing education opportunities. This journal is provided to emergency medicine physicians by the American Medical Association and includes articles on trends and issues within the specialty field. This website details the continuing education opportunities offered by the Emergency Nurses Association including conferences and seminars. The International Journal of Trauma Nursing features research articles relating to the diverse issues faced internationally in the area of trauma nursing.

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