National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides its customer service representatives with unparalleled training to ensure they can effectively handle the most serious of emergency calls. With critical listening skills and rapid, level-headed responses, National Monitoring Center representatives are the most experienced and well-trained employees in the security sector. The $56 million training facility would pit emergency crews against a variety of realistic, pressure-packed simulated disasters. Marines from the Marine Corps Detachment, Presidio of Monterey, train in disaster response search and rescue techniques under instruction from Central Coast Community Emergency Response Team in July 2012.
Initial construction on the Emergency Response Training Center has begun on 53 acres east of Mather Field in Rancho Cordova. Seizing on fears about increased shipments of volatile crude oil on trains through the region and state, Henke and the state OES Chief Kim Zagaris are asking the Legislature and Governor’s Office for $5 million to build a hazardous materials training feature at the Mather site as soon as possible. Training facility advocates have their eye on two legislative bills this session that could provide funding to bolster training statewide for first responders.

The training center group is applying for grants, and also has begun to reach out to private companies for support, including donations of real-world props such as rail cars. Officials with the Valero Refining Co., which plans to ship 100 train cars of potentially highly volatile crude oil daily through Sacramento to its Benicia refinery, recently asked about the training center. In one exercise, emergency responders might break into and crawl through a concrete pipe on a rescue mission. Henke said the joint powers authority has not decided what it would charge agencies for training. He said he thinks agencies and private companies will want to send their firefighters, emergency teams and supervisors for the all-encompassing experience that will help them keep up with technology changes, gain experience dealing with hazardous materials, and learn to work in tandem with other agencies.
Tracey Hansen, chief of Cosumnes Community Services District Fire Department and president of the California Fire Chiefs Association, agreed, saying fire departments have been struggling to keep up with training requirements during the recession. Just one emergency call can determine whether your clients become raving fans or critical voices.

The three departments have set up a joint powers group called the California Fire & Rescue Training Authority.
The South Central PERLC is a collaboration between the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health and Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Henke said the training site, which includes classrooms, a fire station and an incident control tower, could also benefit utility companies, railroads, oil companies and even corporations interested in safety programs for high-rise offices. Everyone at NMC starts out with a comprehensive training program, but only the most experienced agents take the calls that come in as critical. PERLC provide training to state, local, and tribal public health authorities within self-defined service areas and meet partners' unique workforce development needs in the area of public health preparedness and response; specialized training, education, and consultation.

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