Scratching posts are almost as essential to cats as food and water, as they provide needed exercise and stress relief for cats. There are many litter boxes on the market, but make sure the one you choose is shallow enough for easy entrance for your little guy.
We know that senior pets hold a special place in our hearts and, like you, we want to reward their loyalty and ensure a comfortable old age. Senior pets require greater vigilance in health matters, and changes in lifestyle may be warranted. Increased veterinary care—Twice yearly, more in-depth exams help to screen for diseases common to older pets. Good nutrition and weight control—Many pets put on weight as they age, which can trigger joint pain, arthritis, and other diseases.

Exercise and mental stimulation—Older pets should continue to exercise and play, but modifications may be required.
It is a selfless decision that relieves the end of life pain and suffering of terminally ill or injured pets.
Kittens are in a “sensitive stage” from 3 to 9 weeks—this is when their brains are primed for attachment. Many people use a small plastic storage box of appropriate size, for starters.The litter is the most important factor.
Hope Veterinary Care does not provide any veterinary medical services or guidance via the Internet. We can help you make the decision to provide your companion with a peaceful and dignified end-of-life.  Prior to making this decision, we will answer all of your questions, discuss quality of life issues with you or offer guidance so you may make the right decision for your pet and your family.

For now, give him the same food he's been eating at before you brought him home, to avoid tummy upsets from sudden changes. He will enjoy any of these listed, but don't forget another favorite game is "fetch" with a wadded-up piece of paper.
Addressing disease early often improves prognosis, so we recommend that senior pets be examined twice a year. We will help to diagnose and treat your pet’s medical condition, and help to manage pain that older pets often experience.

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