Use the included items such as the jumper cables and toolset to get your car back on the road quickly and safely.
Being stranded on the road without any tools or vehicle safety supplies can be a dangerous situation.
Our Car Safety Kits are used by Government Agencies, Local Authorities, and companies of all sizes throughout the UK.
The carry cases needed to be tough enough to withstand the rigours of the boot and hold their contents securely. If you are ordering vehicle safety kits on behalf of a company or organisation and require the contents customised to your specification - please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Adverse Weather vehicle kits, or car winter emergency kits, are to keep drivers safe and secure during severe weather on the road.
The top-of-the-line Car Accident & Breakdown Kit contains all the items you are likely to need to safely manage an emergency situation on the road. The pack contains many other items that are invaluable for both driving safety and roadside emergencies.
For more breaking car news and reviews, subscribe to Auto Express - available as a weekly magazine and on your iPad. In addition, most companies currently provide their employees with travel first aid kits when away from the workplace.

Although cars are more reliable than ever, tyres still get punctures, bulbs fail and sometimes even the most dependable machine comes to a grinding halt. These kits can include survival food and shelter equipment in case a vehicle is stranded in a storm. More and more companies are now issuing their drivers with complete car safety sets to help comply with their duty of care obligations.

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