Discovered in 1968 only, Kbal Spean, on the southwest slopes of Mount Kulen, features carvings of numerous lingas (god Shiva’s phallic symbol) on the Stung Kbal Spean riverbed, believed to fertilize the water.
Exemption of Import Duties and Taxes shall be granted with respect to the import of goods exempted under the provisions of any other Law of Cambodia, goods for foreign diplomatic or consular missions, international organizations and agencies of technical co-operation of other governments, etc. The GDCE currently plans to implement the large-scale Post Clearance Audit (PCA) which is the audit to be carried out at the importer’s place of business after goods have already been cleared by Customs. Import duty reduction or exemption and the government-borne VAT scheme (VAT exemption) have been introduced on various agricultural materials. The Royal Government of Cambodia may establish Free Zones that are excluded from all or part of the customs procedures (Article 2). The Active Team that includes KAMSAB and Port Authority monitors unloading, checks cargo against the manifest, and verifies the condition of seals.

For this, the Cambodian government requires exporters to show evidence that local content is greater than the cost of imported fabric or yarn. The customs value of exported goods shall be the value of the goods at the point of exit, which is determined by adding to the price of the goods, expenses for transport as well as all expenses needed to carry out the export operation up to the frontier, excluding export taxes payable upon exit, domestic taxes and similar levies, for which the exporter has been given a receipt (Article 22).
The Team breaks up to carry out their respective functions in formal clearance of the vessel and crew.
Operations that carry out the processing or refining of crude petroleum or bituminous minerals to obtain petroleum products must be placed under the customs manufacturing bonded warehouse regime (Article 50). The chief of customs of Sihanoukville Port sends staff to carry out the customs formality and examination at the investors’ premises.
Although PCA has already been carried out in some cases, the GDCE plans to enlarge the operation to verify the importers’ compliance of customs duty by checking the invoices, other shipping documents and contractual documents.

This presentation briefly outlines what nursing care plans and clinical pathways are and their importance in nursing. An Export Office at GDCE headquarters takes charge of garments exports, which examines and seals cargo with a container bolt seal (at factory premises) that conforms to international standards.

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