A recent article about a man that was found alive after snow buried him in his car for two months made me wonder how prepared the average driver is for accidents that leave them stranded. If your car had the majority of the items listed, you would be prepared not only to survive the conditions, but also have the tools to help get found.
Two more good reasons to consider a collision repair career are that you can get grant money to help with the education costs and you have many more education options and career paths than you may realize. Some reports are stating that these developments are going to be in vehicles by next year but others are stating that for this technology (especially the car-to-car communication) will only reach its full potential once the majority of cars have it, and that could take another 30 years. In the event of an emergency, there is a good chance you may be in your car.  Be prepared and stock your car with critical supplies!
Here's a list of everything you should have in your car emergency kit, with a free printable checklist. We're preparing our homes for emergencies this week as part of the Create An Emergency Preparedness Kit Challenge.
So while I've suggested doing this task as part of the emergency preparedness challenge it is also equally applicable to the Car Organization Challenge that is coming up as well.

The importance of being prepared for emergencies in the car was really brought home for me this past winter when one of my childhood friends got stuck on I-65 overnight in a huge blizzard.
They had to call the National Guard to rescue people, but only after long lines of cars had to sit there, stranded, for approximately 14 or more hours, in the freezing cold. Those with blankets, some food and water, and other emergency supplies fared much better than those without them. Obviously you need to do some extra preparations for traveling in the winter, when the chance of getting stuck or stranded is higher, and the stakes higher as well, but cars can break down, you can be in an accident, or get a flat tire at any time, so really you need certain emergency supplies at all times. Also, although these aren't mentioned in the checklist below, please remember that proper car maintenance is one of the best ways you can prevent car emergencies from occurring in the first place. In addition, I urge you to learn some basics for car emergencies, like how to change a flat tire, and how to safely use jumper cables. And even if you don't know how to do these things yourself, you still should stock the proper equipment in your car for someone to do it. Finally, I know space in your car is at a premium, but really these supplies are very important.

Here's the emergency car kit list, with affiliate links to purchase certain more unusual equipment. The new testing system makes it more difficult for vehicles to earn a high star rating and therefore encourages car makers to continue making incremental changes to improve safety.
Perhaps as trusted industry experts, collision repair shops should inform customers what they should store in their car in case of an emergency and why. I figured that people in this industry would be busy getting their hands dirty by fixing cars rather than being inside on their computer.
But many of us spend quite a bit of times in our cars as well as in our homes, so it is important to be prepared in your car as well. Well, if you’re considering a career in the collision repair industry, whether as a body or paint tradesperson or another part of the industry, below are 5 good reasons to have confidence in that choice.

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