If you want to use risk assessment templates for your company—irrespective of your industrial specifications—we have them customized for you! The main fields in any risk assessment templates and Risk Assessment Form are activities, hazards, risks, required control measures, persons in danger etc. Even though enterprise risk management (ERM) engages the entire higher education institution, IT organizations have an opportunity to use ERM to move beyond a services function toward providing strategic value to the institution.Janice M.
More complicated premises such as care homes, hospitals, large schools, shopping malls, or very large buildings that might have mixed use, may need a more comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and should contact us to discuss further. Our Fire Risk Assessment tool asks clear and unambiguous questions to enable you to build your Fire Safety Report in a straight forward way. Our online risk self-assessment platform provides all the help and resources you need to produce your fire safety report and meet all legislative requirements. Your own fire safety management plan, including a fire risk assessment can be produced using our system in as little as an hour. Frank Neugebauer is Chief Information Officer for United Educators.Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) gained a foothold in higher education during the first decade of the 21st century. You pay a fee for 12 months access and any changes to your premises can be reflected in your fire safety report and fire risk assessment at any time. In terms of insurance, if there was fire or smoke damage and you had not undertaken a fire risk assessment report; your insurers could refuse to pay and you may invalidate your cover. As a result of these requests and financial pressures, public and private institutions are now implementing ERM business processes to support strategic and annual planning and also analyses of major new initiatives.

Allocating resources to manage the risks in the right places allows campus administrators to spend their limited resources on the things that are critical to the institution's mission and to the achievement of its plans.
As noted, there are both downsides to unexpected risks (yes, bad things happen) and upsides (rewards when something positive happens). The discipline of ERM supports an institution's ability to evaluate risks and opportunities and to focus its scarce resources on institutional priorities. ERM is best incorporated into the regular institutional budget and planning processes so that risk-mitigation strategies can be integrated into the annual plan with appropriate funding and support. For instance, operational IT matters do not appear on a board-level risk register, just as strategic initiatives do not appear on a department supervisor's risk register. The sample risk register questions below are a good place for institutions to begin, adapting the questions to fit individual institutional priorities.Governing Board Risk Register QuestionsIT strategy. IT professionals should stay involved in teaching, research, and service planning to ensure early identification of IT risks and opportunities supporting these programs. Assess the Likelihood of Risks and Their Impact on the Institution.Following the compilation of risk registers, management teams can rank the risks based on the likelihood (probability) that the risk will occur and on the potential impact if the event occurs. Using a simple map, such as a heat map (see Figure 1), managers can identify the risks with the highest likelihood and biggest potential impact, focusing the team's attention on developing mitigation plans for these risks while working down the list of the priorities over time. Calculating a risk score and risk appetite or tolerance helps to focus and prioritize mitigation efforts.Figure 1 shows that the risks of student enrollment and management turnover require additional attention but that the risk of disaster recovery and business continuity requires less. Note that this heat map is not detailing the risks in a general sense; they are specific to the institution.

This means, for example, that although the disaster recovery and business continuity risk is worth significant attention within ERM, a particular institution may be well prepared.ERM Step 3. Develop a Risk Management Plan.Identifying and assessing risks are important first steps in ERM, but studies reveal that campus professionals spend the majority of their time on these two steps, neglecting the more critical steps of mitigation and monitoring.
Soliciting a wide variety of expert (and non-expert) opinions on a risk can help to create meaningful changes. It is important to remember that change is not intended to simply reduce risk; some changes are meant to fully realize the positive impact of taking a risk. If the IT organization were to suggest using only paper transfers instead of online, onsite POS (point of sale) and revolving card readers, the maximum value of taking the risk would be lost.
Providing a comprehensive view of institutional changes to maximize value and minimize risk is a key factor in managing risks and is an important point of the risk management plan.ERM Step 4.
Measure, Track, and Communicate Risks.Monitoring risks and communicating plans to the campus community are vitally important to a strong ERM program. The quality of the communication is the key, and quality comes through linking a risk with the initiative in an understandable way. Faculty and administrators are initiating new partnerships and new ventures that can be enhanced (the upside) or destroyed (the downside) as a result of the risks associated with technology and analytics.

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