Hedge funds and investment firms must react swiftly, methodically and successfully when confronted with unexpected business disruptions or else risk significant financial loss.
Effective Business Continuity Planning (BCP) can help minimize financial loss and the negative effects of disruptions on a hedge fund or investment firm’s strategic plans, market position, operations, and reputation. Eze Castle’s Business Continuity Planning Services (Eze BCP) extend beyond technology to focus on critical operations and processes that hedge funds or investment firms must have available if a disaster strikes. This combined expertise means a client gains a custom, comprehensive BCP plan developed and managed by professionals that understand the client’s business. Learn more about Eze Castle's business continuity planning service and how our certified BCP experts can prepare your firm for a disaster. This guidebook is designed to help hedge fund managers of all sizes develop an understanding of both the BCP and DR planning processes. Our business continuity consultants will identify and prioritize potential business risks and disruptions based on severity and likelihood of occurrence. Eze Castle’s hedge fund BCP experts will collect information on a wide range of areas from recovery assumptions and critical business processes to interdependencies and critical staff. Our certified business continuity planners will create department, division and site level plans for your business. Business continuity plans are living documents and must be updated annually to ensure they account for changes within the firm as well as any changes in risk scenarios.

Business Continuity is increasingly gaining the importance at strategic level and becoming an integral part of good corporate governance. However, quite often, these business continuity management (BCM) plans are outdated in no time as they are not updated reflecting the current business availability needs, or they are stored in multiple places throughout the enterprise, making it hard to keep them current.
Establishing an enterprise wide BCM plan management strategy assisted by automation can only ensure that the established continuity capability, current, viable and available during a crisis.
Although many tools will simplify and automate aspects of the BCM program, only quite a few solutions offers the required capability to address any type of the consequence scenario and assist organizations to establish the required continuity capability across multiple lines of business and locations globally.
With pennApps BCM, you can capture the complete organizational asset information, assess the process criticality against the policy definitions, define the consequence scenarios, determine continuity strategies and then formulate continuity plans either at organizational unit level or location or any of the combination. The planning toolbox enables you to configure the continuity considerations as per your organizational needs. Effective business continuity solution should enable the organization to address any consequence scenario that may impact any of the organizational assets and provide all the required information that is required for effective response at one place with real-time updates. Ability to capture complete information of all processes including people, equipment, systems and premises along with the dependency details through its process modeling provides complete view of all business operations by unit, by criticality and by location or any combination of the above. This level of response requires extensive business continuity planning to ensure all aspects of a firm’s business are evaluated and protected.
Our Eze BCP consultants are certified experts in business continuity planning and possess deep knowledge of the unique operations of financial services firms.

And our hedge fund business continuity consultants work with clients to address the full spectrum of BCP.
The role of Business Continuity Management Continues to Expand and Extend due to the increasing demands of the enterprise’s industry vertical and key business partners. This offers complete visibility of the process and their dependencies on the organizational assets across a specific unit or across the organization. The Management & Review module offers the complete support to manage the established Business Continuity Manage System in compliance with the standard. Appropriate risk financing is a backstop to ensure we can implement necessary business plan continuity.
It allows organizations to customize each part of the solution using the configuration features adapting to their business needs or unique situations. Loss resiliency through minimization of regional natural catastrophe exposures, global scale and redundancy Adoption of world-class  standards Recognized best-practices for loss prevention, crisis management and business recovery Business Continuity Management Process GLOBALFOUNDRIES utilizes methodologies recommended by recognized standards and organizations.

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