The scope and phasing of an organization's Business Continuity and Disaster Response plan is based on Scenarios.
As with all business ventures one of those scenarios, Scenario 1, is focused on business continuity: the survival of the business. Structure Chart shows the key elements of the response and recovery structure being used by a large animal shelter business.
An extension of the Business Continuity Maturity Model (BCMM), the BCMM Standards show the key elements of a mature BC program and the indicators of the general capability levels within each element.

The key elements include Leadership, Employee Awareness, BC Program Structure, Program Pervasiveness, Metrics, Resource Commitment, External Coordination, and BC Program Content which includes Incident Management, Security Management, Technology Recovery, and Business Recovery.
The Business Case for business continuity and disaster response includes risk reduction and leverage opportunities. One of the fundamental elements of Business Continuity Plan is Data Center Disaster Recovery.
The rising prevalence of disaster and insecure environment has made it indispensable for every organization to create standard security policy and procedures that comply with regulatory authorities.

In order to deal with any unrealistic adversity in future it is always good to have a standard policy implemented.

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