A business continuity plan (BCP) is a plan that specifies how an enterprise will keep critical functions operating if business resources suffer damage due to natural disaster or other occurrences, or else restore such functions swiftly if disrupted.
NEC is involved in numerous business operations that support vital pieces of social infrastructure such as information and communications systems. Based on these policies, each individual enterprise within NEC formulates specific policies to guide BCP development according to the characteristics of the business. From fiscal 2008, in addition to disaster contingency plans formulated by corporate staff, NEC has developed a system for preparing BCPs at the business division level to cover processes extending across entire value chains (from order, development and manufacturing to product shipment and customer distribution).
BCP formulation proceeded during fiscal 2008 at specific NEC businesses selected in the first half and second half of the year.

During the first half of fiscal 2008, a total of 12 businesses from NEC Group business units, subsidiaries and affiliates were selected as pilot enterprises to create BCPs and develop related formulation processes. By cooperating with other corporate staff, this division provides assistance with any issues, including those that cannot be solved at the business division level. With the aim of fulfilling social responsibilities defined by characteristics of businesses in areas such as information and communications and the necessity of maintaining supply chains, we commenced full-scale BCP formulation processes, led by a decision at senior management level to initiate BCP across the NEC Group and to develop a related promotion framework. BCP formulation based on value chains also commenced within each business division in the NEC Group.
Within each business, the creation process lasted approximately four months and involved weekly working sessions in which team members would submit related study materials for review and feedback.

In the second half of the year, this group acted as BCP formulation instructors, assisting 44 businesses to develop BCPs.
By the end of fiscal 2008, a total of 61 NEC Group businesses (including the model enterprises that had been selected in fiscal 2007) had formulated BCPs, while the number of people who have gained experience and expertise in BCP formulation had increased to a total of 500.

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