Disaster data recovery planning is one of the major parts of business continuity in the digital world. Disaster recovery and business continuity may include complex steps that require unique methods and thorough knowledge of the operational aspects of various applications and data sets. Even with a recovery plan put in place for disasters, a lot of corporations don't fully consider a disaster until it happens. With more and more corporations move to virtual backup systems, it is important now, more than ever, to frequently check the integrity of business data as virtualization contracts often claim no liability for deletion, corruption, destruction or loss of data.
To begin, it’s important to note that a Business Continuity plan and a Disaster Recovery plan are often thought of as the same concepts, but rather they complement each other. Disaster recovery is about more than just protecting data, but protecting intellectual property; a critical consideration when seeking an entire solution to secure the business. Here's a simple illustration of how Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans fit into an organization's infrastructure. Business Continuity planning involves creating a multi-level strategy for any major problems that might affect your business. One of the biggest concerns with Business Continuity planning is trying to prepare for the many different disasters that can occur.

Having a Business Continuity plan is often the difference between your business surviving or not. A robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the foundation on which to build your IT infrastructure. Most businesses don’t fully plan for disaster recovery, because many think of large scale events such as flood, fire, and natural events as the definition of a disaster. 24 x 7 Monitoring of the plan to ensure that when needed – your recovery plan is ready and fully functional. Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current backup solution and disaster recovery preparedness. In order to retrieve critical data and get systems back online in the right order, businesses should allocate the time to record and automate the recovery process into a series of steps. Organizations had to weigh the risk of not being ready for a disaster with the cost and level of recovery they could afford.
Not considering the fact that the rate of disasters is increasing, a wide range of other events can put business continuity at risk, including data corruption, system failure, human error, and datacenter or facility loss.
A 2011 report by Forrester stated that as little as 1% of businesses surveyed have tested their backups on a daily basis.

Despite having a variety of methods available to help recover and evaluate data, the safest bet to ensure that the loss is minimal is to be proactive about developing a plan in advance.
A good Business Continuity plan will guard against a variety of problems that may occur, including hard drive crashes, fires, hurricanes, prolonged power outages, loss of a key employee and more. Knowing how to respond to a variety of different possible disasters requires evaluation, foresight, and experience. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning allows you to continue working and quickly recover in the event of a disaster. Executed correctly, even if the individuals who administrate the applications are no longer available, an organization can be assured that it has created an intelligent and efficient approach to recovery. The report found that only 12, 19, and 27 percent of corporations performed a review on their recovery systems on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis respectively.
Fortunately, we offer complete Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning services.

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