It’s all about building and improving the resilience of your business to continue its operations and recover quickly from any type of disruption. Now I’m sure that Tesco does have a business continuity plan in place, but its recovery won’t be immediate. The harsh but simple fact is that there are a hundred and one things that can disrupt a business – any business. Business continuity planning starts with a thorough analysis of the business to decide which parts are vital.

The requirement for business continuity plans is now trickling down from big business to their smaller suppliers. Added to this, legislation such as the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 now requires category one responders (local councils, health authorities, the police, fire etc.) to ensure business continuity arrangements of their suppliers.
A business continuity plan relies upon communication – being able to give the right person (who can fix the problem) the right information at the right time. Lincolnshire’s emergency planners and services are backing a new initiative to lead motorists to safety in the event of a major flood.

However, some City analysts are saying that Tesco’s sales are already showing signs of improvement. A well thought-out, practical plan can mean the difference between coping with a disaster and going bust, period.

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