The State of Illinois Emergency Operations Plan “Basic Plan” (PDF) from October 2014, identifies fifteen (15) primary hazards for prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation program relevancy.
The Sangamon County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF) also includes the prioritized risks of the hazards identified. The following plan characterizes areas of responsibility and outlines an administrative framework to respond to campus incidents. The level of emergency response will be determined by the need and magnitude of the disaster.
The University of Illinois Springfield officials recognize their responsibilities and duties with regard to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of the faculty, staff, students and visitors of the campus. Mitigation – Mitigation activities are those designed to either prevent the occurrence of an emergency or long-term activities to minimize the potential adverse effects of an emergency. Preparedness – Preparedness activities, programs and systems are those that exist prior to an emergency and are used to support and enhance response to an emergency or disaster. Response – Response includes activities and programs designed to address the immediate and short-term effects of the onset of an emergency or disaster. Level 1: Minor department or building incident – can be resolved by a responding service unit.
Level 2: Department or building incident – can be resolved with existing University resources or limited outside assistance. Level 3: Primarily people, rather than infrastructure focused incident – Many student issues can become complex because of varied institutional and student support responses that must be coordinated. Level 5: Catastrophic emergency involving the entire campus and surrounding community – Immediate resolution of the disaster, generally multi-hazard, is beyond the emergency response capabilities of campus and local resources.
A level 1 or 2 emergency may be declared and coordinated at the discretion of the unit director.

If the emergency call list is initiated, the Chief of Police will determine the appropriate level of response and to what extent the IRRT will become involved. These levels of emergency response are incidents confined to a department or building and are usually resolved by a unit director.
If a Level 4 or 5 emergency has occurred or is imminent, the UIS Police Department shall notify and assemble the IRRT.
Level 4 or 5 emergencies require the Chief of Police or Incident Commander (IC) establish and Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
As an emergency expands or contracts, changes in discipline, or becomes more or less complex, multiple outside agencies may respond. Obtain emergency goods and services including coordination of pick-up and delivery to emergency site. Every effort will be made to keep the campus community and the public informed of developments during an emergency.
When conditions have stabilized and normal campus operations can resume, this Emergency Response Plan will be deactivated.
Individual units will refer to their unit Incident Action Plan (IAP) in an effort to maintain operations during and after an emergency. In the event of a Federal Declared Disaster, mitigation funding may be available through the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to reimburse losses that occurred during this specific event and prevent similar future losses. The University of Illinois Springfield Police Department has a detailed, high resolution aerial campus map including the surrounding area provided by the Sangamon County Director of Emergency Management.
LEGAL BASIS FOR PLANNING AND CONDUCTING ALL-HAZARDS EMERGENCY OPERATIONSThe following laws and other source documents establish the legal basis for planning and carrying out all-hazards emergency responsibilities for the University of Illinois Springfield. REALSERVE provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy.

AUST – Emergency Plan was requested by an apartment building’s Corporation Manager to provide the necessary emergency plan and evacuation diagrams (evacuation signs) under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, The building is a 2 storeys high. The nursing home building had a number of superseded emergency procedures and evacuation diagrams that did not comply with the new provisions of AS 3745-2010. It is against specific regulations and standards to occupy a building without an evacuation management plan. When emergency evacuation plan template qld it comes to caring for their youngest part is delivered in a classroom, the have a shelf life of a number.
It should be a safe distance away from the building to provide adequate protection from fire and any onsite hazards such as chemicals or explosive materials. AUST – Emergency Plan was requested by a property manager to prepare an emergency plan and evacuation diagrams for their multi-storey buildings basement carpark under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’. This may not prove adequate to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation (EPAR).
No matter how small or how large the project is, we will get straight on it and deliver results beyond your expectations for the lowest price possible, we are here to help keep people safe, being involved in an emergency situation is both frightening and dangerous, you don't have time to think about all the factors and variables before you. Act quickly, get out and stay alive, Evacuation planning is about having a practice and method of operation in place prior to an emergency situation so you will know what to do no matter what dangers you face.
The client’s emergency plan and evacuation diagrams were outdated and the emergency plan needed a complete revision to comply with AS 3745-2010.

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