An EMP (or Electromagnetic Pulse) has the power to knock out all electronic devices within its range. For this EMP you are going to take the circuit board and capacitor out of a disposable camera.
When we get the power storage solution to make a weaponized coil gun that exceeds the capabilities of the current rifles it would still take about 50 years for them to be accepted. General comment on noise levels: a good fraction of the noise any weapon makes, regardless of the energy source, is the sonic boom caused by the projectile. As a selling point for coil guns, a variable muzzle velocity, set to just sub-sonic, could make for a very quiet assassination weapon. I would like to know if you could send me the parts list and insturctions on how to build one.

No, it must be very strong pulse (something like EMP guns), so it can induct to circuits and short it out.
Why no military is currently interested in coil guns is that they just can not match the energies of current weapons technologies. The military are actually working on a controlled EMP (One that targets specific vehicles or objects) and a programmable computer virus that transmits enemy data before destroying all computer files however it can lay dormant for weeks in the system so it can spread. We have nothing like the battery storeage technology to make worthwhile electronic weapons right now.
OK, you cant carry a power generator in your backpack, so you cant use them as a handheld weapon, but they can mount coilguns on tanks, and make them EXTREMELY powerful.
The gun laws only govern firearms (defined as any weapon that uses a controlled explosive to propel the bullet) or airguns.

To make sense electronic weapons would have to be easily rechargeable, able to put out projectiles the weight of standard rounds as fast or faster.
So, when we want to shoot in long range we set it to H, it will shoot faster bullets with a lower firing rate, and when we get into a building (CQB) we set it on L so the weapons firerate will be faster and bullets will move slower. The fact that most bullets break the sound barrier, while I have yet to see a coil gun that could should be further proof that coil guns while cool are not powerful weapons. Just go to some photo processing center, and if they are nice, they will give you some empty disposable cameras that they throw away anyways.

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