Additional spare clothing, a poncho, waterproofs, gloves, hats, are all a good idea for when you have to dry out your first set of clothes. These are not essential but will come in useful if you have the space: your personal identification, any personal items such as prescription medication or feminine supplies, soap, plastic bags, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, sewing kit, rope or para cord, insect repellent, sunscreen, pen and paper. Check out these two awesome examples of bug-out bags, the first is a large interactive image from the dudes at UnCrate and you can click on different parts of it to buy the item online – fantastic!
The second is a really extensive bug-out bag from YouTube user Rodster and it contains all the equipment required for surviving a disaster in the UK. Note that this is a basic list of essentials and these items are enough for one person only and rather than just adding more items for more people thus weighing down the bag, you should be encouraging friends and family to be creating their own bug-out bags (after all, it is unlikely that you will all be together and able to evacuate as a group and once disaster strikes you’ll probably be focussing on meeting up with your group, but more on that later). From movie and video game reviews, to survival strategies and bug out bags, we've got you covered so you can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

You should be able to competently use all of the items in the bag and it should provide enough equipment for you to survive the first 72 hours of a disaster.
Each bug out bag is different, and you will definitely put items of personal value in there too when the time comes. The items for this bag are considered for an individual living in a temperate (non-extreme) climate, so you may want to adjust a few things to suit your climate conditions.
The focus is on immediate evacuation and the bug-out bag is not to be confused with a long term survival kit. It goes without saying that you’ll want to put these items in a tough, comfortable (and preferably waterproof) carry bag or backpack. Consider balancing out your food supply with energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, and if you can get a hold of them, then MRE’s are excellent.

Weight is an important factor and remember that you will be always carrying this bag and walking with it will probably be easy, but you must make sure that you can run, climb (and even fight if it comes to it) with your bug-out bag on. Re-evaluate your bug-out bag to see if you can improve it depending on weather conditions and so on.
Make sure that you have a strong ZAP (Zombie Action Plan) so that you know what you’ll be doing when you need to use your bug-out bag for real.

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