The book lost a few points for me, when a few unrealistic moves were made by main characters.
This is a story told many times over, just check my Apocalypse - emp folder for proof, but unlike a lot of them, its well written and for an independent book extremely well edited. I thought it was just one of those books that kind of focuses on the aftermath of a catastrophe and not the events of the occurrence.

A decent standard book for this genre.However I also found the characters to be a little weak. But since I already own the 2nd book by this author, the first was pretty good and I'll see what he does in second.
However, they do have moments of weakness in their struggle to survive, at times barely escaping with their lives.There are plenty of moments of horror and despair, but the love between a father and his children or husband and wife is the passion that sustains them, as well as the book.

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