The holographic discs from Body Align use acupuncture point placement as a vehicle to activate the body’s meridians and bio field (energy field), to create the desired effect: weight loss, more energy, restful sleep, or pain relief.
Here is a video demonstrating how the Holographic technology impacts Blood Cells on a slide under a microscope. A lot of other EMF Pendants and Products work for the Strength test and will protect you to that degree.
EMF Superheros know that sacred geometry stickers and pendants, while supposedly providing superpowers, do not protect our brain cells.
Place a Defender Pad laptop shield over the main body of the laptop in order to block some of the EMF pollution.
My wife is a medical doctor and we created this website to help you quickly and easily reduce the electro-magnetic field (EMF) pollution in your life.
Over the past year, I have written a book that will help you navigate the process of finding and creating a low EMF home. Next, for each “hot spot”, sweep around that immediate area looking for the source of the high field. Starting with the area with the highest field, place the meter in a location which you can find again after shielding is installed. First, let's understand that the magnetic fields from a single conductor wire emanate from that wire in a pattern that could be described as concentric cylinders. Now, understanding that magnetic shielding "works" because it is a better "conductor" of magnetic field lines than air or just about any other material, let's see what happens with 2 different shield designs.
In the cross section image at right, we see that the magnetic field lines that would have occurred at the radius of the shield will exist INSIDE the shield. If the edges of the shield are bent slightly TOWARDS the source, the high field area at the edge of the shield will move further away from the "shielded area".
In conclusion, for net current, flat (or nearly flat) shielding is more effective for fields from wiring in the area adjacent to the shield.
The safety or danger of a magnetic field from a powerline depends on more than just the strength of the field. There are probably other factors which determine how much EMF your body can tolerate, such as genetic predisposition, how much exposure you receive at work or school, your age, your exposure to harmful chemicals (pesticides, preservatives, etc.) which may be activated by the EMF, your overall health, and so on.
While there are official standards for exposure to electric and magnetic fields, they are based on the amount of field needed to cause immediate harm.
Compared to magnetic field shielding, shielding a home from cell tower radiation is reasonably straightforward.
Conventional speakers incorporate both a permanent magnet and an AC magnetic field to produce sound. You will have to use magnetic shielding alloys to shield these magnetic fields and you have a choice of several methods.
Because you will be placing the shielding material in close proximity to this strong magnetic field, you will have to take saturation into account.
If you need maximum field reduction, or cannot open the speaker cabinet, or you simply want to take the easy route, you can simply place flat magnetic shielding alloy between the speaker and the TV. The magnetic fields at the side of the speaker magnet have different characteristics compared to at the back of the magnet, and different shielding materials are required.
Laptops produce at least two types of electromagnetic fields: AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields.
To shield the electric fields from the laptop, use ClearShield or VeilShield Fabric to cover the screen.
To shield the magnetic fields we recommend that you form a tray under the laptop with Magnetic Shielding Foil if you will have the laptop near you. If you are using a remote keyboard, you can achieve much higher reduction of magnetic field by making a 5-sided box from Magnetic Shielding Foil.
Unlike X-rays, sound, light or bullets, magnetic field lines must travel from the North pole of the source and return to the South pole. Similarly, if the source of the field is outside of the enclosure, the magnetic field lines will travel through the material of the enclosure on their way back to the source, never finding it more efficient to permeate the air space inside the enclosure.

While this is not technically possible, it is possible to distort the magnetic field lines around one pole of a magnet. 1] Start by using a gauss meter to determine IF you have high magnetic fields where the people are.
2] If you do have high fields, use the gauss meter to determine where the sources are located.
3] Shielding involves applying Magnetic Shielding Foil (0.010 thickness) or Giron over the source of the offending field. According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), in the last 20 years, physicians began seeing patients reported that electric power lines, televisions and other electric devices caused a wide variety of symptoms.  By mid 1990’s, it became clear that patients were adversely affected by electromagnetic fields and becoming more electrically sensitive.
In fact, medical science documents that 9 of the top 10diseases killing Americans can be linked to EMF radiation.
The Lab Technician states that in 15 years of Blood work she has never seen anything like the improved function of the blood cells when a Hologram is placed next to them. Few people realize it yet, but man-made EMF pollution may be one of the health and environmental crisis’s of the 21st century. These electronic keyboards emit almost zero EMF pollution, so you can type all day without headaches and then transfer the file to your primary computer. If you live near a wireless transmitter or cell phone tower, we highly recommend that you sleep under a bed canopy that acts as a protection shield and blocks out most of the microwave radiation (this is especially important for children and electro-sensitive individuals).
This is the EMF guide I wish had been available to me when I first started learning about this topic. This will not help you determine the “hot spots” and therefore the location of the offending sources of the field. As you can see from the image below, the magnetic field lines which intersect the flat shield will be compressed into the shield, leaving less magnetic field on either side of the flat shield.
But the magnetic field from a powerline varies from moment to moment depending on how much current is flowing in the wire at the time. Some research has shown that harmonics (higher frequency fields), radio-frequency signals in the line, and power spikes may have more to do with health effects than just the normal 60 Hz magnetic field. Recent research has shown that the corona field around high tension lines can ionize the air around the lines. The first step should always be to record readings of the magnetic field strength over a period of a few days using a reliable AC Gaussmeter to find out if you truly have a problem. Make sure you carefully survey every proposed location for your house to make sure the fields are actually sufficiently lower at the new location that you are considering. This is a device which constantly monitors the incoming field and produces an equal and opposite cancellation field.
There are several styles of cellphone shield which block the emitted radiation on one side of the phone.
Keep in mind that with magnetic fields, you can either shield the source of the offending field, or shield the thing(s) that you wish to protect.
This material has the ability to "absorb" the initial blast of the field without saturating and becoming useless, but it will only give a limited attenuation.
This outer layer will "absorb" much of the field which has evaded the first layer and yield a very high degree of attenuation.
This will protect the monitor from external fields produced by the speakers and any other sources.
Unlike the way a lead shield stops X-rays, magnetic shielding materials create an area of lower magnetic field in their vicinity by attracting the magnetic field lines to themselves.
A source within the shield will produce field lines which will travel through the air immediately surrounding the North pole until they reach the shield.
For these reasons, enclosing either the source of the field, or the thing(s) that you wish to protect from the field, offers the most effective use of the shielding material, and is usually the most cost efficient as well! Remember to think about the magnetic field lines as travelling through the shield more easily than through air. In a car, the magnetic field profile will be different at highway speed compared to idling.

With the advent of wireless devices, there has been a massive increase of radio-frequency (RF) exposure from wireless devices as well as reports of hyper sensivity and diseases related to electromagnetic fields and RF exposure. Millions of people around the world are now suffering from hypersensitivity to EMF radiation.  The sources of EMF exposure are many such as cell phones, laptops, computers, gaming equipment, and electrical wall currents in the homes and places of work. The recommendations and solutions have been vetted by an engineer with more experience in EMF pollution and solutions than he would wish upon anyone.
Print this page as paper emits considerably less EMF pollution than your computer, and you will then have a hard copy of one of the most comprehensive solution guides in the Universe at your fingertips. EMF Superheros realize that “smart” phones radiate every few seconds and lessen the chance of our being able to produce little Superheros. This also means the little girl living next to the cell phone tower down the road may receive a little less radiation (All EMF Superheros care about people living next to the cell phone towers. Remember that the field will vary according to how much current (not the voltage) if being carried by the powerline.
The AC magnetic field is only present when the speaker is activated, and varies in frequency and strength with the pitch and volume of the sound produced.
Note that attenuation will be greatest close to the speaker magnet, where the field is strongest (most interfering) anyway. Covering the keyboard area of the laptop with a shielding fabric such as High Performance Silver Mesh will reduce electric fields from these areas while still allowing you to see the keyboard. But if a material with a higher permeability is nearby, the magnetic field lines, efficient creatures that they are, will travel the path of least resistance (through the higher permeability material), leaving less magnetic field in the surrounding air. There are many products out there, but be wary of anything that claims to BLOCK EMF’s.
If you are in a home with high electric fields or dirty electricity, it can actually be worse for your health. A body voltage meter can be found here. EMF Superheros also know that cancer clusters are appearing around the world next to cell phone towers). Dietrich Klinghardt found that women who sleep in a high EMF environment either are not able to conceive or have a high risk of having an autistic child. Every vehicle will have multiple sources of magnetic field, some of which may be in areas that are difficult to access for shielding. Notice also, that the magnetic field lines are more concentrated near the wire, and less concentrated as the distance to the wire increases. So the only way to know how strong the field is at a given distance, AT ANY PARTICULAR MOMENT, is to measure it with a gaussmeter. Either field alone could be within tolerable limits, but could possibly exceed tolerable limits when combined. One rule of thumb that is used by some experts is that you should limit your exposure to 60 Hz magnetic fields which are in excess of 2.5 mG. The magnetic field from the two sources can deflect the electron beam in a cathode ray tube monitor (TV) causing distortion of the image, sometimes called jitter (and possible damage to the equipment).
This means that if you "shield" one pole of a magnet, you are basically relocating the place where those magnetic field lines emerge into air. The combination of bed canopies, shielding materials and turning off the electricity to your bedroom at night will greatly reduce the EMF pollution you are subjected to while you sleep (this is the critical time each day when your body heals itself).
There is not a lot of scientific evidence to support this recommendation, but it is based on the Swedish recommendation for exposure to ELF fields from computer monitors. High readings up close to the powerline are meaningless if the field inside your house is low. If your child’s school wants every student to use a tablet computer – be an EMF Superhero and explain to them how dumb and shortsighted this idea is! Important note for EMF Superheros: If someone in your household is addicted to their beloved Wi-Fi and is not quite ready to quit cold turkey, then at least turn it off at night and when not in use.

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