Clayton said other SA-funded departments and services, such as Greek Life programming grants, designed to bring speakers to campus or host events, are not yet confirmed for blackout.
Center for Student Involvement Coordinator of Student Activities Jacob Avery, became the new adviser of the SA in May, and he holds the idea of a blackout in positive regard. Reuters reported on Friday that in the event of a national blackout, President Jacob Zuma and his cabinet would be taken to a secret location and soldiers would be deployed at national key points, such as the SA Reserve Bank and the SABC’s head office in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Eskom this week refused to be drawn on the chances of a large-scale blackout happening and merely said it would continue to implement load shedding to protect the grid, as this is the best way to protect South Africa’s power system. Eskom sources have told City Press a national blackout was a “very significant possibility for the foreseeable future”. Two weeks ago, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona told a closed meeting of 100 of South Africa’s top business leaders that his senior management “prays every day” that nothing unforeseen happened to collapse the national grid infrastructure, causing a potentially catastrophic nationwide blackout.

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