Along with the classy style they bring to the pitch, the great thing about blacked-out football boots is the call out they bring to the boot's performance features, focusing you on the quality of the boot. When you're talking about traditional black football boots, no brand does it better than Pantofola d'Oro.
When adidas release a blackout football boot, it’s become somewhat as a tradition from the German company as an indication of the end of the line for that football boot. When the CR7 Mercurial was released last year, the thick lines on one half of the boot and thin lines on the other half definitely made the boot stand out on the pitch.
Considering the Vapor VIII has now been released, we should probably start looking forward to the next major boot release, the next Predator boot. Following adidas' recent drop of black-out editions to the adiPure 11 Pro and adizero miCoach line-up, football's black-out phenomenon continues to sweep the game.They're the coolest boots in football and some of the hardest to come by. So a retro Predator boot spot is probably a fitting way to end today’s boot spotting article. March 18, 2012 by Jordon English 8 Comments It’s a massive week in the football boot world, so why not kick it off in the best way possible with a round of Soccer Reviews boot spots. While Nathan Doyle above showed us what a proper blackout Predator adiPower looks like, Lassana Diarra showed us this weekend what it looks like when you attempt to blackout the boots by yourself. Boot Spotting Cleats About Jordon EnglishJordon is the go-to boot spotting and unreleased boot news writer for Soccer Reviews.

Most brands have thrown their hat into the black-out ring, but rarely do we get a true all black boot. Joining the site way back in 2010 (where Soccer Equipment Reviews was not even a blip on the football boot radar), Jordon makes the world famous Soccer Reviews boot spotting and, if there is an unreleased boot, Jordon probably knows about it. But with the launch of the Morelia Neo, the Japanese brand followed the colour trend set by speed boots, releasing both green and purple editions.
There is a certain mystique about all black football boots, which originates from prototypes. Although they've expanded their boot catalogue with new colourways, the Italian company began their re-emergence with all black leather uppers, making them a huge hit with players after an old-school answer to a modern boot. However, it seems Jose Nunez didn’t think the boot stood out enough on the pitch, as he discarded the grey laces that game with the boot in favour for some bright orange ones!
Even though Marco Boriello was technically the first person to debut the Bright Mango Vapor VIII (albeit it a little on the blackout side), Nicolita is still one of the first players to wear the boots in a competitive game.
Jordon is not looking to make a playing career out of football (he hopes to break into the Australian A-League as a referee within the next 3 years), but he still trains with one of the University of Melbourne football sides where he studies Commerce. During that time, Babel was an avid Mercurial wearer, but it seems he has marked his move to the Bundesliga by moving to a new pair of boots, as Babel now wears the CTR360 Maestri II. In recent years, black-outs have become real fan favourites and continue to be in high demand.As a new season approaches expect to see a flurry of non-contracted pro's defy the colour trend, bringing a range of black-out boots to the pitch.

Unfortunately, the Predator adiPower, which has been one of the more successful boots adidas has released in the past few years, has received the blackout treatment.
Time and time again, adidas have delivered exceptional blacked-out football boots, with few better than the adiPower Predator.
There are clear differences between the two boots, with the white SprintFrame being the biggest difference.
So much like when the whole Barcelona team were forced into lower grade boots due to a frozen pitch, it caused the Santos team to change their footwear appropriate to the conditions. We wonder whether we’ll see Diarra in the proper blackout versions of the boot anytime soon. Whether they're the work of a black-marker or an official brand release like Sammi Ameobi's f50's, black-out boot-spots are always some of the most noticeable.

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