As college students, we are normally bound to a small budget of which we must purchase books, supplies, items for our room, and most importantly… snacks. Yes that is correct, I said ramen noodles, the stereotypical snack food of college students. Once you enter college, cereal is not just for breakfast anymore, no it becomes an anytime snack.
While not always on the forefront of things to get for college, this snack brings the satisfaction of having a meaty snack that does not expire and is inexpensive.
While not non-perishable like the previous items on this list, fruits and berries are definitely something the college student should try to keep in stock if possible. It is my hope that this list helps the college students who are for looking for cheap snacks to keep in their dorm rooms. The best defense against going hungry on a road trip, when you’re trapped on a desert island or when reloading your crossbow to protect humanity is a well planned offense. Portable, nonperishable and packing an energy punch, dried fruit is easy to throw into your bag for on-the-go snacking.
These can be a real life saver for when you need a quick energy boost, a more filling snack or to adorn the plain English muffin you got at that fast food restaurant on the way to your cousin’s wedding two states away. You can purchase lots of different trail mix combos at the store when you’re on the go or, better yet, make a batch of your own and have it on you for emergency snacking. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site.

Despite healthy intentions, packing perishables like dairy, lean meats or fresh fruit and vegetables often results in either a spoiled or an unappetizing snack.
Vacuum-sealed foil pouches or cans of chicken or fish are excellent for a protein-rich snack. Providing some dairy in the college student diet, yogurt offers a multitude of flavors for students to pick from as well as satisfaction for a raging sweet tooth. While it’s always preferable to eat whole foods, either in their natural state or whipped up into some mouthwatering recipe, sometimes that just isn’t an option and, well, vegans gotta eat too! Included in these times are preparation for tests such as finals or midterms, late night study sessions in your room, last minute homework doing, etc.
Crackers are an excellent choice of snack for the college student because of the variety of types and flavors the come in. In addition, fresh fruits and berries are a healthy snack that can provide some useful things such as vitamin C and potassium and healthy snacks can be hard to come by in a college student’s diet. With a large variation and nicely priced bulk buying available, chips are likely to find themselves on a college student’s shopping list. You see, hilarious comparisons to demon uprisings aside, pre-planning is the best course of action when you’re trying to eat vegan in an omnivorous world. If you know you’ll be eating them sooner rather than later, making your own granola or energy bars is the best way to ensure that the ingredients are wholesome and, well, pronounceable. Nuts are ideal for munching on when you are at your desk face deep in studying or if you are taking a study break to watch a movie.

They lack the extended shelf life of most commercial offerings though, so don’t leave a homemade one in your bag for 3-weeks and then attempt to eat it. Throw together combinations of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, dried fruits, dry cereal, seeds, a little dark chocolate and even some unsweetened coconut for a protein and energy pick-me-up.
Like on that day at work when Suzy from payroll decides to bring in 3 dozen donuts for no reason. Plus, dried fruit is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of travel-friendly foods like these, which makes it a perfect option. You even use them as a last minute topping for a salad you get on the go, or even as a vegan spread on a sandwich in place of hummus. You can easily store these in little baggies and make them ahead of time for easy, on-the-go snacks. Sure, you might have to explain to your kids, spouse, or friends why you’re eating a sheet of seaweed, but once they taste one, they’ll likely be asking you for a few pieces too!
If you store them in airtight containers, dried fruits and vegetables will keep for months.

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