For preppers who cannot consume products containing gluten yet still want to be prepared with a survival food supply, Legacy Premium offers a 16 Serving Gluten Free Sample Pack.
Having a seventy-two hour kit is a staple in most homes, but often the emergency food portion of that supply kit is overlooked. If you are one of the growing number of people who need their long-term food storage to be gluten-free, Legacy Premium has delicious and affordable options for you.
A customer favorite, the 120-serving gluten free entree food storage kit is the perfect way to start or add to a disaster preparedness supply. If you have gluten sensitivities or allergies, you know how hard it can be to find an emergency food supply that is completely free of gluten. Gathering food storage can be overwhelming, but gathering food storage for a family member with food allergies can be a gargantuan task. With Legacy Essentials survival foods you can choose the best long-term foods for your survival storage supply. Subscribe for new product announcements, preparedness tips, special offers, and private sales.
Emergency Essentials is one of the best food storage services, with a selection of foods that will keep your family happy and well fed in any situation.

As one of the most established companies you'll find among the best long-term food storage services, Emergency Essentials lives up to its name. One surprising omission from the emergency food storage is gluten-free options, which are a common choice for people with celiac disease or other health concerns. In place of an emergency food calculator, Emergency Essentials makes use of a unique food storage analyzer.
The website also provides preparedness tips and educational articles about building up survival food storage for hard times or just camping trips.
Emergency Essentials has an amazing variety of food products and an assortment of preservation and preparation tools.
Even though Emergency Essentials has plenty of clean, basic food choices for anyone with dietary concerns, we would still have liked to have seen this specific area given its due.
Instead of determining what package your family would need to purchase in order to get the necessary calories, the analyzer measures your current storage against what your next order contains.
You can also invest in an emergency stove, which can come in handy either for water sanitation or your own cooking needs. The only support feature it lacks is live chat, although its support services are prompt enough to somewhat make up for it.

This is a great service that works whether you plan to store food on your own or invest in a family-sized supply. It has the survival foods you'll need for every situation, whether a big crisis or a backpacking trip in the mountains.
You can choose from those options, as well as boxes and super pails if you need an incredibly large amount of beans or wheat, for example. It works well as an order form, but the real advantage comes with the dietary information provided in a side window.
The company lacks specialty diet foods, but its other features make up for it admirably well.
Not only does the company have a great selection of necessary emergency food, but it also stocks water-preparation tools and other emergency equipment, and its website gives you tips on how to keep things under control if disaster strikes. Emergency Essentials is the only food storage service to offer a year's supply of MREs (meals ready to eat).

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