Here we list these nutritional foods that would make the best canned food choices for your emergency food supply. Read more on what we suggest for the different types of "survival foods" on our Survival Food List Page. The food you prep with should be foods you eat on a semi-regular basis to make sure when you buy new food you can add that to the back of the shelf and take the oldest cans and use them for your meals now.
Oxygen is one of the biggest killers of food and if allowed constant contact with it, will ruin it in a few months.

From preparing and saving food like fish and other meats for later, salt is a necessary part of your diet that you need to live. By fixing these seven mistakes now you have a far better chance of surviving and having enough food to keep you and your family healthy and ready for whatever comes. Build or buy shelves and place your canned goods and other foodstuffs on them, allowing nothing to sit on the floor or on the bottom shelf.
Beyond this, it does help make bland food more palatable, which is a good thing when relying on your food stores.

It can be used to attract game for hunting, as a gargle to help a sore throat, and can help with bacteria in foods.

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