For preppers who cannot consume products containing gluten yet still want to be prepared with a survival food supply, Legacy Premium offers a 16 Serving Gluten Free Sample Pack. Having a seventy-two hour kit is a staple in most homes, but often the emergency food portion of that supply kit is overlooked.
If you are one of the growing number of people who need their long-term food storage to be gluten-free, Legacy Premium has delicious and affordable options for you. A customer favorite, the 120-serving gluten free entree food storage kit is the perfect way to start or add to a disaster preparedness supply. If you have gluten sensitivities or allergies, you know how hard it can be to find an emergency food supply that is completely free of gluten. Gathering food storage can be overwhelming, but gathering food storage for a family member with food allergies can be a gargantuan task. With Legacy Essentials survival foods you can choose the best long-term foods for your survival storage supply.

Stressful disaster situations are not the time to force your family to eat food they don’t like. Whether you are getting ready for long-term survival situations or gearing up for outdoor adventures, Legacy Premium’s food storage breakfast bucket is the perfect addition to your food storage supplies.
The most important meal of the day just got an emergency makeover, thanks to Legacy Premium’s breakfast bucket. This 240-serving supply of food storage meals sealed in Mylar bags is ideal as a starter kit or as an addition to your existing food storage supply. Legacy Premium’s 360-serving supply of emergency meals is a wise choice to make when you are looking for a reliable preparedness food supply. Legacy Premium’s comprehensive 720-serving package is packed with nitrogen-flushed, hearty food storage rations.
In one simple step you can buy enough dry bulk food storage to supply one person with three square meals per day for a full year.

Buying bulk quantities of premium food storage with a 25-year shelf life allows you to take care of all of your family’s emergency food preparations in one step. Buying food storage in bulk is a quick way to ensure that your family will be protected in an emergency. The 4320-serving supply of bulk freeze-dried survival food is unquestionably the ultimate in emergency food storage preparedness. Compare legacy food storage to any food storage option on a price per pound basis and you’ll find that Legacy is the best choice in emergency food.

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