Sandbags are piled in front of homes on West Broadway in Long Beachin preparation for Hurricane Sandy.
By any name, this much is already clear: It's too soon to say exactly where Sandy is coming or how much damage the storm will do. Like locking us all in our homes for far too long, leaving plenty of time to review storm vocabulary. Travelers is the third-largest insurer in New York for both personal home and auto and commercial lines of insurance, and the second-largest in Connecticut. For most private insurers, the biggest impact from Sandy is likely to be wind damage to roofs and cars, as well as business losses from prolonged power outages.

Not to do something, or that they can not have it, is the being prepared for hurricane sandy best for your bug. Bordonaro said the company had also activated continuity plans for its own employees, so it can sustain operations despite having staff clustered in New York and Hartford. But the brunt of the storm’s financial impact may end up falling on the National Flood Insurance Program, which is responsible for almost all flood coverage in the country.
Sandy is part-hurricane and part-regular storm -- though winter is still nearly two months away.
Had Sandy hit in 2011, it may have been more of a problem for the insurance industry, which dealt with record-breaking losses around the world last year, mostly from U.S.

But in 2012, most insurers’ disaster losses are down substantially, leaving them with more capacity to absorb the billions of dollars in costs some expect from Hurricane Sandy. Companies we issue policies for include Progressive and The General, but we also work with many other national and local companies. Chubb Corp, another of the major insurers in the Northeast, said early Sunday that it has been working for days to move staff around so they are positioned to respond.

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