There is a wealth of information online covering what to do in a disaster, but victims of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or earthquake, seldom have access to the Internet. Disaster apps instruct you how to prepare for disasters by stocking food and water supplies, creating an escape plan and identifying hazards. Be Ready Brookings (BRB) is a preparedness website created by the Brookings County Pandemic Planning and Coordination Committee (PPCC).
After preparing yourself and your family for potential disasters or emergencies by getting a kit, making a plan and being informed, take the next step and get involved in preparing your community. The Brookings County Emergency Management Office has programs to help citizens and organizations prepare for disaster.Robert Hill is the Brookings County Emergency Management Director and Meghan Thoreau is the Deputy Director.

There are many kinds of disasters and emergencies, but the nice thing about disaster readiness apps is that a few simple actions can cover a number of different situations. You may have learned through your planning and preparation that there are businesses or organizations that do not have an emergency or disaster plan.
It is important to be familiar with NIMS and also ICS or Incident Command System as it is under this system that our county, state and nation will respond to disasters. What they often have, on the other hand, is a smartphone, which is why a disaster preparedness app is a good thing for anyone to download. For instance, communication is important, so apps that can translate text to Morse code flashes on the smartphone screen (yes, there really is an app for that) or translate foreign languages (especially while traveling ) can be essential.

Log onto their websites to learn more about these groups and how you may become part of them to aid in a county response to a disaster.
Learn how faith-based and volunteer organizations are prepared to respond to disasters and ask if there is a role for you in their response plan.

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