A BCP table top exercise is an informal brainstorming session used to encourage participation from business leaders and other key employees. This officer with the Virginia State Police, along with a group of other trainees, participates in a hands-on tabletop exercise at a session of the SHRP2 TIM responder training. The purpose of tabletop exercises like this one is to educate responders on how to apply the basic principles of traffic control and scene management for various incident scenarios. Outdoor exercises underscore the importance of retaining situational awareness when exiting your vehicle and approaching an incident.
BCP table top exercises are conducted to provide an example of how the management team would work together to get the organization through a disaster. The training includes interactive seminars, analysis of case studies, tabletop role play and scenario work, and a field practicum that will provide the future trainers with the knowledge and materials needed to conduct TIM trainings.
Since we frequently work with our hedge fund and alternative investment clients on developing comprehensive business continuity plans (BCPs), we feel it is important to review and test our own BCP procedures on a regular basis to ensure they will meet our most current business needs in the event of a disaster.
Gather the firm’s executive team (and any other individuals within the organization that play a leadership role in the BCP activation process) in a conference room-type setting that is conducive to open discussion and interaction. This entry was posted in Just My Thoughts, News Worthy Mentionables and tagged Animal Health, FMD, NIAA, Tabletop.
Conducting a challenging exercise outside the scope of response capabilities can also create a flawed negative reputation and unwarranted fallouts from the failed endeavor.
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To this end, Lisa Smith - one of our certified business continuity professionals - and her team recently conducted a BCP table top exercise with our management team here at Eze Castle.
Read our complete Manager's Guide to DR and BCP for a comprehensive overview on hedge fund business continuty best practices. The group should identify realistic and unrealistic expectations and work together to bridge any gaps between leadership and the established BCP plans. Exercise Civil Bridge was conducted by elements of 77 Brigade, a specialist British military unit that is working alongside the government and disaster relief organisations as part of an annual overseas training exercise.
After this successful meeting, we thought it would be valuable to share some insights on the BCP table top exercise process with our readers to spotlight the importance of this activity. A recent LinkedIn discussion highlighted the issue of exercises being designed entirely for success.
A response exercise should be a tool utilized to identify effective efforts and inefficiencies in response to these changes. While the action of conducting an exercise may validate regulatory requirements, exercises should be designed to test response plans and training effectiveness. The exercises in questions were ones that were specifically designed to match response capabilities, not necessarily challenge participants and established preparedness efforts. The unique paradox of success through failures is the key to overall response plan improvement, especially within exercises. British troops and Philippine officials conduct hold a tabletop exercise for earthquake preparedness at the British Embassy in Manila on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

These guidelines, at a minimum, should be provided to all participants prior to the exercise to allow for an understanding of expectations. Companies sometimes promote their exercises results through public relations campaigns that highlight their dedication to overall preparedness advancements and a commitment to safety. A total of 38 members of the 77 Brigade arrived in the country last week for the Exercise Civil Bridge, a training that will benefit government departments, local authorities and humanitarian agencies. However, creating a bottom line, no-win exercise situation can negatively affect the overall preparedness program by diminishing and detracting from the goal of improved response. The scenario for yesterday's training exercise was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Metro Manila. An exercise should support a positive response team synergy by validating successes, yet create a path to increased response capabilities and improve targeted training efforts.
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council Executive Director Alexander Pama said Exercise Civil Bridge provides them an opportunity to share the Philippines' best practices in responding to calamities.
Real world exercise scenarios can often highlight potential deficiencies (meaning failures) in response plans and procedures, comprehension of individual roles and responsibilities, and partnership coordination.
The discussion emphasized that designing exercises strictly to create stressful, non-attainable objectives, is counter-productive.

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