RecoverAssist- Create customized, bootable recovery media with RecoverAssist to a disk or external drive.
Backup Tools- Access backup tools, which are used to protect both data and applications, including Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory and Hyper-V environments.
Create Different Kinds of Backup Tools- Restore your data from backups using the restore tools, which are used to restore the different types of backups that can be created using BackupAssist. Solutions Review brings all of the technology news, opinion, best practices and industry events together in one place. ReliableDR automates key recovery processes, eliminating the need for manual testing, and provides regular testing at a low cost.
Online Backup Reviews- Online Data Backup, Remote Offsite File Storage, Cloud Backup, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Online File Backup, Online Backups Providers Directory, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Data Storage Services, CEO Interviews.
To read our official news release regarding our top 100 online backup companies, please click here. For online backup companies that offer direct services to end users, please check out our top online backup monthly rankings.
As you may know, Gartner recently unveiled their 2015 iteration of the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Integrated Appliances, a.. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager products provide backup, snapshot, archive, recovery, space management, bare machine recovery and disaster..
Remotely manage backups, restores, updates, reports and licensing all from a user friendly web application and has an easy to use restore console.
Unitrends will now be able to deliver recovery assurance to Hyper-V administrators that it had only been delivering to businesses running VMware vSphere Hypervisors. The latest update will extend the same benefits that vSphere Hypervisors have enjoyed, such as reduced recovery time objectives across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, to Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Unitrends had previously announced the its next generation of Recovery-Series family and the latest update of the software that powers the companies Unified Data Protection physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances, release 8.0. ReliableDR can be purchased as part of Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite, as part of Unitrends’ Disaster Recovery as a Service offering or as a standalone software product for VMware vSphere environments. Asigra – Based in Toronto, Canada, Asigra describes itself as a company that is devoted to furthering Cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore (BURR) by offering its cloud solutions entirely through its Partner ecosystem.
CoreVault – CoreVault, headquartered at Oklahoma City, offers backup and recovery solutions to legal, dental, small and medium businesses and governmental bodies. BackupAgent – BackupAgent, a company located in Delft, The Netherlands, operates 100% through channel partners to create disk-based backup solutions that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
Axcient – Axcient (founded in 2006 at Mountain View, California), is a privately held company backed by Allegis Capital, Peninsula Ventures and Thomvest. Arcserve – Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions, giving organizations the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Dakota Backup – Dakota Backup, founded in 2005 at Rapid City, South Dakota, uses the Asigra software engine to power the backup and recovery of information from client machines to its data center servers.

Acronis – Headquartered in Burlington, MA and founded in 2002, Acronis a truly global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Xilocore – Xilocore, Las Vegas, USA provides a tiered, scalable agentless backup and business continuity solution to small and medium businesses through VAR partners. And the update integrates ReliableDR with Unitrends Recovery-Series, Unitrends Enterprise Backup, and Unitrends Virtual Backup platforms. The company prides itself on its role as a cloud service enabler and focuses all its energies on architecting a cloud solution that is agentless; differentiated with a robust backup and recovery engine and a capacity based pricing model. This, Chennai, India based company, takes its place in the cloud backup and recovery marketplace as a cost effective, hybrid data protection product developer, catering to the needs of small and medium businesses, through the agency of its partners. With offices in Leeds, UK and Houston, US, Backup Technology protect over 7 Petabytes of data for companies with data sizes between 50GB and over 100TB in their European and US data centers. The SaaS-based solution enables companies to simplify backups and instantly recover data through a single management point. The software, built in partnership with VMware, increases operational flexibility, consolidates security processes and delivers a built-in backup and data protection system that works without a hitch. Private individuals or small and medium enterprises will find Mozy backup and recovery easy to install, operate and work with, at all times. VaultLogix’s Internet Vault suite of online backup solutions can be leveraged to safeguard customer data in the most advantageous way based on the particular needs of each business. Use flexible schemes to tailor both daily and historical backups to suit your requirements. Working with clients across all industry sectors, Backup Technology’s impressive portfolio of customers includes The British Red Cross, Liverpool Football Club, The Government Offices, Cheshire Police, Lloyds Register Masterlock and LK Bennett.
Each solution VaultLogix provides can back up data both locally and offsite, ensuring that customers can recover from data loss with the optimal combination of speed, availability, and offsite protection. Once synonymous with legendary tape backup software, Arcserve has since been hard at work reinventing the industry. The technology offering includes file de-duplication, encryption, local storage, bare metal recovery and remote protection for desktops and laptops. You get detailed media labelling and notifications to ensure your backups are always easy to manage. Backup Technology’s partners include global integrators such as Fujitsu, Logica, CSC and Colt and nationwide companies such as TSG, The Internet Group and K3.
Since 2004, SecurStore has offered Cloud Services, which include Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage. Zetta is redefining traditional hybrid cloud backup with its unique, appliance-free approach featuring Smart Cloud and Lean Local Copy technology. The endeavor is to backup data in an encrypted format; store it on a scalable, cost effective storage cloud and facilitate recovery from any part of the world.
The different flavors of the ShadowProtect software that are being marketed by StorageCraft, have won several industry awards for its fast and accurate backup, reliable disaster recovery, secure data protection and is considered the gold standard for system migration for Windows Desktops and servers.

In addition to providing data backup and recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes, VaultLogix also delivers industry-leading solutions for remote backup service support, billing, marketing and integration. These solutions include HP Data Protector 7 for backing up data on physical or virtual servers, LiveVault for fully managed cloud-based, server data protection, storage and management, and Connected Backup, that enables mobile backup for laptops and desktops.
Yet others, may license the software from enablers with or without re-branding options and service the online backup service needs of their clients.
Asigra is committed to providing its partners with effective marketing and sales tools to help them scale their cloud backup business and position themselves as leaders within the market.
Backup Technology’s solution is powered by Asigra and all services are ISO9001, ISO27001 and BS25999 certified.
A data analysis tool that is available on the website assists customers in evaluating their data and defining their backup and storage requirements.
Partners of this SAS70 certified cloud backup and recovery enabler can download a free 14 day trial to evaluate the software before they decide to take the plunge and sign up for the product. Jack Zubarev, President of Marketing Alliances at Parallels declared that BackupAgent has become a leader in online backup market through its ability to integrate and consistently deliver the services to their customers need. Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments.
Customers have an option to backup their virtual environments locally for instantaneous restore. Smart Cloud, together with the Lean Local Copy feature, advances the hybrid cloud model to deliver fast, reliable data backup and recovery at a fraction of the cost of backup alone. The company has assumed a non-conflicting role in promoting this Windows based backup product and are completely focused on channel development, facilitating partners managing the technical and commercial aspects of their business. Primary, secondary, synchronized, automatic, inline, selective or deferred backup copies are maintained to ensure redundancy of backup for instantaneous recovery. With a Unified Platform and new generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership, while improving your recovery time objectives.
Service Providers Powered by Asigra, including Terremark (a Verizon Company), NTT America, CDW, HP and Backup Technology, are actively helping define standards for the industry.
Acronis provides complete, efficient, and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual, and cloud environments, as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices.
The applications are reviewed for completeness and eligibility and service requests are met by authorized XiloCore distributors.
The service integrates the best elements of on-premise data protection and online disaster recovery services to ensure customer satisfaction.

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