Built by Dell and powered by AppAssure, the DL1000 provides fast backup and restores on virtual machines, physical servers and in the cloud to enable local, offsite or disaster recovery. This teardown is of the Zenith BDR8432-G12R1-R - a 'high-performance backup and disaster recovery appliance, sold by Zenith Infotech.
Per Zenith Infotech, 'the storage capacity for the BDR-G12 starts at 750GB up to 9TB…' and is an 'enterprise business continuity device combining high availability, 15 minute backups and disaster recovery.

Be a C-suite hero with these 5 key virtual + physical data protection takeaways.Building smarter backups is possible. This solution offers restoration of files, folder, emails, and databases along with acting as a high availability device by being able to run a virtual instance of a backed up server within 10 minutes to allow business operations to continue with minimal interruption.

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